Best time to buy? - Blue {P}
Hi all, this isn't for me (fairly obviously for those that know my circumstances!) but when would those in the trade be looking to drop £50K on a Vantage?

No discussion about the choice of car please or suggestions to buy something different, a V8 Vantage is the only car that the purchaser wants and it's something of a lifelong dream so no argument is likely to change their mind!

My gut tells me that December will be the time that dealerships (not really keen on a private or small trader sale) will be lucky to see many customers at all, let alone those with cash in the bank wanting to buy such a vehicle. As such I would hope that prices at this time will be as soft as they will get all year.

I remember from my selling days that the market picked up noticeably in January, but I'm not sure whether the same would be said of cars in this section of the market?

Another consideration is the VAT increase but this will be of less a concern on a used car as I believe that the VAT is only paid on the gross margin and not the sale cost.

Best time to buy? - rtj70
I was joking about buying an Aston earlier today. So will follow this thread because it might be possible in the near future I hope - well a couple of years.
Best time to buy? - rtj70
And I was thinking second hand! But before someone shot me down... A new Apple laptop is about £1k (ball park figure) so a V8 Vantage looks good value.
Best time to buy? - Alby Back
it might be possible in the near future I hope - well a couple of years.

Know what you mean there. I keep taking Great Aunt Martha jogging and feeding her chocolate eclairs too....only a matter of time.


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Best time to buy? - Dipstick
Spookily, a friend just bought one last month, second hand, at about 50k - and he got precisely zero off the asking price and he's a good negotiator.

If that helps at all.

And it's quite nice in a sort of you need to be agile to get in and out type way.

Best time to buy? - Blue {P}
Hmm, this is concerning as the dealership told us to expect a 0% discount too! Of course we didn't believe them at the time but perhaps they weren't winding us up. :-(
Best time to buy? - Sunny22
You wont get a penny off at a Stratstone dealer... Try Brooklands Aston Martin in Leeds, plenty of margin in there cars...
Best time to buy? - Rattle
I've always had a secret passion for the DB7s, I might one day buy one, when they are rusty and stupidly cheap and run off four cylinders :D

I would have thought that now the country is getting out of recession prices won't fall any further so now is a good a time as any to buy one? Might be worth checking ownership club websites as they may have a lot of private cars for sale in suburb condition.
Best time to buy? - AlastairW
I know a bloke who used to have a DB7. He reckoned it was costing 4k a year in routine servicing, and there was always somthing extra required at each service. He has a Merc CL500 now - much cheaper to run.
Best time to buy? - barneybear
Friend of mine had and A-M, no problems, but always got a proper service. Buy now two resaons:
1 - Interest will pick up in the New Year
2 - You never know when your time is up. Waiting a few months might be the last and then you really would be kicking yourself.

A purchase like this isn't ruled by the wallet/head - its all heart.
in 24 months time give me a call to buy it for £40,000.

Few discounts on such cars, but "Shy Bairns get nowt"
Best time to buy? - FotheringtonThomas
I remember from my selling days that the market picked up noticeably in January

Ah. Spring just around the corner. Hello clouds, hello sky, hello sun, hello green leaves on trees, with the advent of the sap rising, and all that. Same for houses, too (apparently).

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Best time to buy? - Blue {P}
What an odd co-incidence that this thread was commented on today as I was just about to bump it anyway!

The deal has been done on a brand new one with a not inconsiderable £17K discount!!

It had admittedly had the options list thrown at it when ordered by the dealers, I would have called it a "Christmas Tree" if I was still selling, which bumped the list up considerably and probably allowed the wiggle room on the discount.


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