Lack of service - could this be a problem - virago_viking

I was thinking of buying a 1.3 Jimny Jeep - 2003 with 28k on the clock.

It has only had two services in it's life - should I be concerned. I always service my vehicles annually regardless of mileage cover, so this seems low to me. Any advice appreciated.

Also, does the 2003 model have a rubber cambelt or chain. I seem to recall they changed.

Lack of service - could this be a problem - piston power
Buy it if cheap and get it cheaper due to the neglect!

If had a oil and filter regular it should be ok if not do this first, low mileage they do get a build up of condensation in the oil and water on metal shinny things is not too good.

Everything else should be ok just go through it 6yrs old might have sticking brakes.
Lack of service - could this be a problem - oilrag
If it`s only had two oil changes over 28,000 miles and 6 years the engine might be full of oil sludge with associated wear. Why not buy another?

Just out of interest, when was the last oil change? Was it after the first year, five years ago, to keep the warranty?