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04 1.8 TDCi Engine warning light & funny dash msg - dave164

New here, first post.

I just had my EGR valve / manifold replaced at the weekend as the garage said that it was broken, now I have a different problem.

When i start the engine, the engine warning light pops up, the mileometer flashs dashs (----) across it, and the RPM gage drops to 0 from its real value, then spikes back up.

This doesnt always happen when starting the engine, sometimes its a bit later in the trip, the above will repeat. Whenever it is though, the engine warning light stays on for 5 - 10 seconds and then goes off when I have slowed down.

Does anyone have any ideas what it could be? Could the garage not have reset the computer when they changed the EGR valve? Could it be some sensor gone funny?

Can i boot it into test mode to see any error codes coming back?


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04 1.8 1.8 TDCi Engine warning light and funny das - mikej
Sounds like the symptoms of a failing vehicle speed sensor (vss), which can include some or all of the following : speedo drops to zero, odometer reads --/---/--- and total loss of power.

Here's a detailed thread, which I contributed to a while back :

Just be aware that there are two types of vss for the mk1/1.5 and which one you need will depend on which gearbox you have.

P.S. As my Focus was a petrol, I am making an assumption that diesels are set up the same way !

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04 1.8 1.8 TDCi Engine warning light and funny das - dave164
Thanks for the quick response, how much do them sensors usually cost?
04 1.8 1.8 TDCi Engine warning light and funny das - mikej
The VSS for the B5/IB5 gearbox is £30-odd - this was the one fitted to my 1999 1.8i petrol :

It does say that this is for petrols engines though - I'm not familiar with diesels.

IIRC, the MTX75 VSS is £80-odd.

Your local Ford dealer's parts department should be able to advise if you give them your reg.

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