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Morning all,

We may possibly need to look for a seven seater car in the near future due to a potential change in circumstances. Blimey, is that sentence vague, or what?

Anyhow, I don't really want a 'full-time' seven seater as seats six and seven would only be used occasionally so my mind is drifting towards a Zafira. I've had a gander at the c-b-c, but would love to hear of any real-life experiences. We'd be looking at a diesel, I think preferably with an automatic gearbox, because I'm lazy!

Ta in advance.
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Aha! You'll be needing this then:

The good news for the diesel is that it is a modern 6 speed unit. The bad news is that sometimes this gearbox can be trouble. I'm having issues with this same gearbox on my C5 at the minute. When working OK, it's a great autobox though. I've driven it in an S80 D5 and it worked lovely there, so probably okay in the Zafira too.

I also used to own a Vectra C with the 1.9 CDTI 150, and I loved it, I only had the swirl valve actuator issue with mine, other than that, it was a fine engine.

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Any experiences? - Badwolf
Lovely, thanks for that OB. Like you, we'd be using it mainly as a five seater and only using six and seven once a fortnight at most.

I've been looking a round and you can get some decent ones for not much money really.

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NOOO you need an espace

I will collect my placement fee later ASHT - ok?

Any experiences? - Badwolf
Excellent! I was wondering when someone would suggest ASHT's lovely Espace.

Too big, sadly, for SWMBO to pilot with any degree of confidence. Never could understand why someone would say 'ooh, that car's too big for me to drive.'. It's only a blooming car!
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Go on Badwolf, make me an offer ;) We'll sort the commission out later AE :)

Any experiences? - expatbrit
I bought a Zafira Ecoflex in August and have found it an excellent car with no problems.

To date the car has done 10000km (6000miles!!) and is fast, smooth, comfortable and quiet and the build quality etc seems 100%. The mileage is about 4000 on motorway and the rest shopping and short trips etc all on single carraigeway roads. I dont know how much air con affects mpg but 2000 miles was in Germany etc at 36.5 degrees so full aircon on 24/7. The computer average is showing 52.3mpg which I think is pretty reasonable. Mind you the cruise control certainly helps a lot in giving better economy and is brilliant for say driving in a 30 limit - set the cruise and you know you wont drift over the limit and get a ticket. All in all very pleased and have no probs in recommending.