What do i do - Grease_monkey
I'm in a bit of a perdicument.

I have seen a Kia Ceed 1.6 diesel for sale at a local hypermarker for £10288, 4000 miles and 58 plate.
Do i trade my 3 year old golf in for the Kia or do i keep the Golf. Next year the golf will cost me £££ for the cambelt to be changed and a major service.

I would like to hear from fellow backroomers who own the diesel ceed, i'm not interested in the petrol person.

What do i do - Rattle
Keep the Golf and get a good indie to do the work. A new cambelt and service will cost less than £500, changing to Kia will cost a lot more and will loose value a lot quicker!

What do i do - diddy1234
I don't think Kia's (regardless of car) are going to drop in value as much as people suspect.

But as for yourself even I would recommend keeping the Golf and get it serviced (and thats coming from a Kia owner !).
At three years old the car is just a mere baby and possibly still not completely bedded in yet.
What do i do - gordonbennet
Depends on the price to change, balance that against roughly 6 years of useful warranty on the Kia.

Remember to add the cost of servicing both cars into the equation.

My sons best mate has 2 Ceed's, one a Diesel estate which being a company car gets worked hard and seems totally reliable, as does his own petrol model.
What do i do - bell boy
how dare you mention the petrol version GB :-)
its not allowed
What do i do - gordonbennet
how dare you mention the petrol version GB :-)

i still like some petrol cars, you can hear yourself think around 'em.;)
What do i do - J500ANT
What do you want to do, really? I'd keep the Golf if it was me. And i've just gone from a VW Jetta to a Hyundai i30. The Golf/Jetta is nicer. Not a lot, but it is nicer.
What do i do - AlanGowdy
i still like some petrol cars you can hear yourself think around 'em.;)

I wonder if any proper comparitive measurements have been made. I think that diesel cars are generally quieter than petrol ones at cruising speed due mostly, presumably, to the lower engine speed. I'd say that this is the case both internally and externally. I could of course be wrong - it's rather subjective.