"Physical Infirmities" - bintang
What exactly are these, from the point of view of a car insurer? Probably every driver has some infirmity, such as deafness, need for glasses, migraine (can affect vision), regular sneezing fits (badly affect vision) etc. Very large numbers must be on regular medication. I imagine any of these in a proposal form would be an excuse to raise the premium. Or does the term just refer to more serious conditions such as diabetes or heart disease? A good many elderly drivers must suffer from these.
"Physical Infirmities" - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
Not heard this term when filling in insurance applications. Been asked about my pre-existing medical conditions (diabetes amongst others) and not been any trouble getting insurance providing I'm under medical supervision, not been told not to drive and taking medication etc.

I am not elderly BTW, thanks very much:>(
"Physical Infirmities" - FotheringtonThomas
What exactly are these from the point of view of a car insurer?

From the Cornhill's perspective, they include these (and specifically exclude long/short sightedness and colour blindness):

"Physical Infirmities" - tack
If in doubt, call your insurance company. I rang mine regarding my Parkinsons. They weren't in the least interested, as long as I was passed fit to drive by my GP/Specialist.