02 1.4 head gasket - langer
i have a blown head gasket as the water dissappears and the oil level is rising. How much would it cost to replace the gasket and do all the necessary head skimming , new head studs etc and how long would it take to do or is it something i can do myself. I have had this car from new and this is the first problem i have had.
02 1.4 head gasket - paulontour
Give this guy a ring nothing but praise here

02 1.4 head gasket - bbroomlea{P}
I agree with the above - give him a ring. I am using them to do my TF service in the spring after nothing but positive feedback I have heard!

I would think with a cambelt change you will be looking at £400ish. Not bad if its the only bill you have had in 7 years!

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