Advice on buying an X-Trail - Phil6340
I am considering buying a Nissan X-trail and thanks to this place I think I have asked the right questions. It has revealed that the car I am thinking of buying had the turbo replaced at around 20k but not the ECU, which has been checked regularly since. More recently the intercooler has been replaced. It has bone around 55k miles

Now from what I have read these are the common faults with an X-Trail. So my questions are;

Now they have been replaced does that resolve the issue or will the car always be prone to these faults?
Should I get the ECU changed if I bought it or can it be regulated in some way? ( I read that it could somewhere)
Is there anything else I should look for as tell tale signs or issues with a 2.2dci 2004 -Trail?

Thanks in anticipation for your help.

Advice on buying an X-Trail - motorprop
Mine's the 2.5 petrol auto 4 pot, 04, fully specced, owned for 14 months, it has been superb in every way. Can't speak for the diesels , look on the car-by-car on this website
Advice on buying an X-Trail - Dwight Van Driver
Excellent vehicle for driving and comfort.

Mine, just out of warranty, developed leak from intercooler leading me to replace turbo also without any help from insane so be aware you get nothing from them.

Be also aware that for Nissan parts you need a big, big wallet. Circlip that you can buy for just over a quid anywhere else - a tenner at Nissan.

If you go ahead heed HJ's advice in allowing the turbo to cool down after a long run by idling.

Advice on buying an X-Trail - deepwith
Like DVD, I also really like my X-Trail. Fit for purpose and really good on long trip.

Fingers crossed that I don't tempt fate, but mine is a '54 plate and has had no problems. I have followed HJ's advice about cooling down after a long stretch.

Heed what DVD says about the servicing/repairs. For an example my last service while under warranty was some £400, then they said they had made a mistake and not fitted a filter it needed - if I booked it in it would be £100. Next service at my village independent was £260, a major service including both diesel and pollen filters. And this was using genuine Nissan parts!
Advice on buying an X-Trail - think&drive
Great cars - better than I expected, downside 2.5 petrol auto fuel consumption poor if one uses and enjoys it to the full, off road ability good, not up to R Rover standards but better than most, I have found the dealers and maker back up to be poor. would I buy one again? - its a hard choice, when it comes to it, they all have the goods & bads + or -.