Product placement on film. - gordonbennet
I refer to the placement of certain car brands in films and television series.

In US films it seems the car of choice for the expert is Audi...seemingly indestructible.

On our very own Doc Martin and detective/spook type series' it seems to be that the no nonsense expert will drive a Lexus.

There was a time when every hood was chauffered in a blacked out Benz.

Does this placement cause anyone to view the product differently?

ps...i always wanted to be Steed and drive that Bentley..nothing to do with Emma Peel of course you understand...or Tara King...gulp..;)
Product placement on film. - Alby Back
Don't think "Bodie and Doyle" did Ford any harm and I wonder if Aston Martin would have survived without 007 ?
Product placement on film. - Harleyman
Jack Regan's Granada Mark 1 must have done wonders for the sales figures.

My mate had one (compete rotbox and needed its own oilfield) and he admitted it was only watching the "Sweeney" that prompted him to buy it!
Product placement on film. - ifithelps
When I worked for a Renault garage in London in the 1980s we had a few requests from film production companies to borrow cars.

My bosses always turned them down - couldn't see the value in it for their dealership.

Much better proposition if you're the manufacturer/importer.

Product placement on film. - uk_in_usa
It's a Ford Consul and believe it or not the actual car - i.e., JT and Dennis actually sat on the hallowed seats - is being restored right now --- a process which has been going on since 1990!