Bought an 03 911 C2 996 - stuey
Well I did not forget about you guys, it was just I was having so much fun in the 996. Bought the 2003 plate C2 996 (2004 model) & I have almost done 5000 miles since I bought it in July. I could not look at any 2 seaters as I have a young son (who has already said that when he's bigger he's having the car!), so need to have 3 of us in it at weekends.

Running costs are around what I expected £50-£60 to fill up on fuel for 400 miles. On board computer can show up to 37 - 39 miles per gallon (ok doing a steady 60 on the m'way). Has not cost me anything else except I had the suspension geo'd at a racing specialist & it runs like a different car - absolutely fantastic all day everyday. I appreciate what you said about the Intermediate shaft failures & rear main seal failures etc, but they were on the early 996 on the 3.4l engines. They got over this on the newer 3.6l (which mine is) & very few were on the Mercedes Tiptronic g'box (again mine is).

When I looked at it in more detail the full running costs are not that bad - £400 fully comp insured (unlimited mileage). I have also joined the Porsche forums and groups. I can honestly say that I have not regretted buying this car for one second. I drive the long way everywhere, as it is an absolute joy & lets face it where else am I ever going to get such a beast for so little money.

Thanks again for your help - stu

Already saving my monies so that I can upgrade in a couple of years

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BOUGHT 911 - nick
Good for you! How do you find the tiptronic gearbox? Did you consider a manual?
BOUGHT 911 - stuey
Hi Nick

I did consider the manual, but I preferred the way the Tip drove. I know they are not everyones cup of tea, but for everyday driving its good enough for what I want.

I would like to do some track days, but dont have anymore holidays this year from work, so will look again in the new year. Will not do anymore than 80 on the motorway, as there are too many sneaky coppers & I like my license sweaky clean.

Someone mentioned the inner walls of the front tyres, will keep an eye on this. But from what I understand, this can also be a trait of speed humps as well & I have to go over about 6 everyday to & from work.

All still going ok, just looking at what toys I can buy "her" for xmas.
BOUGHT 911 - Kevin
Keep an eye on the inside edge of the front tyres.

AFN in Reading set up the steering and suspension on my car for sharper front-end feel but it took it's toll on the tyres.

BOUGHT 911 - Dutchie
Good luck withe you car but a porsche doing 60 onthe motorway?Ferdinand be turning in his grave.:)
To be honest, most 911's I see on the motorway are doing about 60. Never understood why until I bought my XK8 and realised they are doing 60 because it cost't too much money in fuel to go faster!!
BOUGHT 911 - Dutchie
A porsche is a drivers car they need to be driven,like i said good luck with your car you may get the change one day to take the car on the auto bahn and let her go.:)
BOUGHT 911 - perleman
Most Carerras are driven on the Mway at 60 because by the time you can afford a car like that, you are a more 'mature' driver IMO.

Get it on track but get some tuition if you are new to it, by someone that knows Carerras as you need to know how to interpret what it's telling you about grip in corners