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Playing music loud. - pda
Thanks for all the help, I know what to ask Santa for now:)
It had never seemed worth investing in anything good to play music on at home, with us both always being away at work.
But now I listen to Planet Rock most of the time and find that irresistable urge to sing along.
I can't sing for toffee, so it has to be that loud I can't hear myself!

Jury Service - any experiences? - OldSock
I got a bit of a shock last week on opening a rather official-looking letter and seeing the word 'summons' leap out at me. A few milliseconds later I registered the word 'jury' :-)

A bit of internet trawling suggests that jury service can be quite interesting, but many people have suggested 'taking a book or two' to while away long periods of time spent waiting to be called (if at all).

Have any Backroomers been called upon to try one their peers? Any handy hints?
Jury Service - any experiences? - Pugugly
Any defendants on a motoring charge wearing a hat and having bloodshot eyes are probably fellow members !
Jury Service - any experiences? - Stuartli
It can prove very interesting as a member of the jury, but it obviously depends on the type of cases involved (makes a change from reporting them though!)

You'll probably also come to the conclusion in some of the cases that there are some really not very nice people sharing the planet with you.

You do need to be prepared for long periods of hanging around waiting to be called, so it's best to take plenty of reading matter.
Jury Service - any experiences? - OldSock
You'll probably also come to the conclusion in some of the cases that there are
some really not very nice people sharing the planet with you.

Yes, I note that there is help available to jurors for dealing with possible 'emotional issues' relating to evidence presented in all its ghastly detail :-(

I'll probably get stuck with a tax fraud case that goes on for weeks. "If you examine the profit and loss account for tax year 2001-02 you will see that......" zzzzzzzzz

'Juror fined for contempt of court on falling asleep'
Jury Service - any experiences? - Falkirk Bairn
Interesting, lots of hanging around (B4 and during), interesting X-section in jury.

Serious Assault changed pleaded a change to guilty after 1.5 days - got off with fine and Community service despite a long previous. 6 months later put away for similar attack.
Jury Service - any experiences? - ifithelps
Boredom could well be your worst enemy, although court staff will do their best to release you if it becomes clear you'll not be needed.

So you can expect quite a bit of hanging around, but also some early finishes.

I'm assuming you've been called for two weeks.

Trials do not routinely start on a Friday, so if you are doing nothing on the first Thursday afternoon, you can expect a long weekend.

As regards the type of case you might get, a lot of trials in the crown court are what I call 'thumping and/or thieving'.

Drunken assaults - many domestic, burglary, benefit fraud, theft from employer, and any other way you can think of of obtaining money or goods to which you are not entitled.

Some motoring- perhaps a dangerous drive.

Drugs - usually low-evel supply.

Quite a bit of sex crime, too, particularly child abuse.

Very few murders/manslaughters - as a proportion of the other cases.

I've known jurors who have been kept busy for all of the two weeks, and others who have done their service and not sat on a single trial.

Realistically, your experience will probably fall between the two.

Jury Service - any experiences? - Pugugly
Don't be put off - this is a fundamental piece of citizen focus justice and democracy.
Jury Service - any experiences? - ifithelps
There's a small possibility you will be called to sit at a coroner's inquest, because many coroners' courts draw their jurors from the pool called to the crown court.

That will be a death, then, in front of a moving train, or as a result of an operation in hospital, or some other circumstance deemed to be sudden or unusual.

Then there's treasure trove - usually a haul of ancient coins or pots found by some bloke with his metal detector.

A treasure trove inquest is quite rare, but it does require a jury so remains a possibility.

Jury Service - any experiences? - Alanovich
Do a forum search, there was a good thread on this a couple of months back.

I've done it and would love to be called again (so long as I'm not self-employed at the time....).
Jury Service - any experiences? - Rattle
I am sure you can claim income expenses? If I got called I would loose quite a lot of money :(.
Jury Service - any experiences? - Mapmaker
Bear in mind that if the defence doesn't provide a character witness, then (it is extremely likely that) the defendant has previous convictions.

They'll give you a let out from sitting on a trial that's more than 2 weeks; take it - unless you want a long period off work. I was in court as a potential juror at the Soham murders trial, there were 100 potential jurors lined up at once in court order to find the (iirc) 24 they needed (12 plus 12 spares). Anybody who didn't feel they could commit to it was invited to tell the judge. And a further 200 outside.

If you have a brain, make sure that you're the foreman of the jury; otherwise you may well end up with a self-important dimwit seeking his moment of glory who will extend the time in the jury room.

Jury Service - any experiences? - bathtub tom
I heard a trial of two defendants. One was described as being of previous good character, the other wasn't. I thought it was as good as telling us he'd got 'previous'. It had to be explained to several of the other jury members.

Totally agree with Mapmaker's foreman comment.

Jury Service - any experiences? - ifithelps
... thought it was as good as telling us he'd got 'previous'...

In certan circumstance, the prosecution is now allowed to tell the jury of previous convictions, known as 'bad character'.

You need to be careful about making assumptions when slumped in the jury box, though.

If it's an assault case, the main prosecution witness - the victim - may have previous as well.

Sometimes, a defence barister will introduce his client's character when he gives evidence:

"Have you ever been in any trouble with the police, Mr Smith?"

Even that's not quite as simple as it seems because 'bad character' can include suspicion as well as convictions.

For example, the jury in a trial of a man accused of child abuse was told he had been arrested elsewhere in the country on suspicion of carrying out a similar offence, but not prosecuted.

Bad character usually only applies to like offences, so the jury in the trial of a rapist will not be told if the man has previous convictions for burglary, but might well be if he has previous for sexual assault.
Changing an internal stop-tap - Chris S
Is this just a case of turning the water off at the mains, unscrewing the old stop-tap and screwing in the new one?
Changing an internal stop-tap - Altea Ego
Esentially yes. You may need a tool to get down into your mains hole. And if you are lucky you can just screw a new tap assembly into the tap body. Just done this task. Dont bang your mains pipe, sediment and rust flakes gets into the stop cocks of all your tanks

(As I found out )

Changing an internal stop-tap - daveyjp
If your mains supply tap is deep inside the chamber and too far for you to reach a wooden clothes prop 'V' notch is useful for turning the tap.
Changing an internal stop-tap - bathtub tom
After turning off the water at the outside stop valve, you may want to open the lowest tap you can find (and another higher up). This will allow the maximum amount of water in the pipes to empty. Trust me, there can be a lot. :>(
Changing an internal stop-tap - pmh3
And before starting make sure that the main stop valve does not 'leak'. Otherwise when you are half way thro the job and find that the internal 'stop-tap' has some unique fitting you will be faced with leaving SWMBO in charge of 2 buckets while you start the impossible task of finding a replacement unique fitting! Bit more of a problem if you are in a first floor (or higher) flat.
Changing an internal stop-tap - Mapmaker
It's unclear to me if this is your main stop valve. You are required by law to have one. But the water board will do nothing to help you fit a new one. Not all streets/houses have an isolating valve beyond your own stop tap.

I speak from experience when I say that if it's exposed and in a place where it doesn't matter if it gets wet, then just cut the pipe with a pipe cutter (£10-£15 for a magic circular cutter, don't even think of trying to do this with a hack saw)and then (get wet whilst) jamming on a new valve.
Changing an internal stop-tap - crunch_time
I find it's always good practice never to leave fully open any such taps when installing. They are more inclined to seize in that position.

Always fully open, then wind back a quarter turn.

Ipod docking station advice - BobbyG
Looking for an ipod docking station, approx £200 ish budget.

Friend has a Bose one similar to this which gives great sound

however I would like one that has an FM, and possibly DAB, as well so that it can sit in the conservatory and provide all the music and football commentary that I need in a very small compact unit.

Anyone any recommendations? Are Altec, JBL, Gear etc any good?

Any thoughts would be appreciated. FWIW I have an 80GB Ipod Classic and would like to be able to flick through the menus using a remote, if memory serves me right the above BOSE is very basic in that respect and can't access playlists etc.
Ipod docking station advice - Rattle
I wouldn't recomend any of those brands its all about show rather than sound quality.

I would have a look at this, although you will also need some speakers



I have heared this setup and was very impressed. The Bose ones I have heared always made me feel very unerwelmed and it to me it sounds nothing like I would expect for £200.
Ipod docking station advice - Stuartli
>>I wouldn't recomend any of those brands its all about show rather than sound quality.>>

With all due respects Rattle, Altec Lansing and JBL are two of the best known hi-fi manufacturers, especially with regard to speakers (Altec Lansing is the superior of the two).

Ipod docking station advice - Pugugly
I "think" that Bose do an updated version - I have the original type - its a fierce bit of kit.
Ipod docking station advice - legacylad
12 months ago I bought a Teac CX-200iDAB from Comet for £150. I use it for falling asleep to in the bedroom, normally listening to FiveLive on FM. It was made for IPod with lots of adapters. Very impressive piece of equipment with sub woofer, two wafer thin speakers which will hang on the wall, and a slim Ipod base unit with clear display and many functions. It comes with a remote and has excellent sound quality. Highly recommended.
Ipod docking station advice - Rattle
Two of the best marketed :).

In fact mention fact Bose and HIFI should never really ever be mentioned in the same sentance. Altec Lansing make some good computer speakers but they are still cheap products at the end of the day it is not HIFI.

If you want good speakers then have a look at Rodgers, B&W, Warfedale (budget end). Even these which cost just under £400 www.superfi.co.uk/index.cfm/page/moreinfo.cfm/Prod...5 are considered cheap.

One of my customers recently bought a pair of 'cheap' Linn setup for his kitchen, it cost him £5k. Now that is just madness, I think his main system cost him in excess of £50k and he has gone so over the top he even has a seperate consumer unit for it. Now that is barmey.

If neatless and smallness is the main concern then something like this will do the job, I have not had the chance to actualy listen to one but some of them at least have a nice open midrange if nothing else which offers good clarity.


I still have not been impressed with anything made by Bose I just find the sound too harsh and like its trying too hard. They sound rather like boy racers ICE systems but without the silly subs.

You may think I am going off on one here but one of my hobies used to be listening to cables so I can be considered mad. :)

I am not saying there isn't a place in the market for products like Bose etc. But at the smaller end of the scale I have always been a big fan of Teac and Denon micro systems because they do focus on thing sound quality above style. True HIFI products are the Lotus Elise of the car world, have many flaws (being big, bulky and ugly) but they do play music better than anything else at a certain price point. Now I realise most people won't want big ugly boxes in their rooms :).

Edited by Rattle on 26/10/2009 at 23:49

Ipod docking station advice - Stuartli
>>Altec Lansing make some good computer speakers but they are still cheap products at the end of the day it is not HIFI.>>

With all due respects, yet again Rattle, you are writing nonsense.

Altec Lansing has been one of the world's leading hi-fi speaker manufacturers for many years and, what's more, actually "invented" computer speakers, producing the first of their type.

What's more there is absolutely no way that computer speakers, from whatever manufacturer you care to name, that can be classified as genuine hi-fi. The concept alone is completely alien to the subject.

It's not often that I get somewhat peeved off, but this is a rare case...:-)

{Moves to correct place in the thread that is discussing "Ipod docking station advice" NOT the "Cable with RJ11 sockets at each end" question. Have also tagged it onto Rattles post, seeing as this is in reply to it.}

Edited by Dynamic Dave on 27/10/2009 at 00:30

Ipod docking station advice - BobbyG
Rattle, thanks for suggestions, although they look good, by the time a pair of speakers have been added, it will just be too bulky for what I am looking for.
Ipod docking station advice - Manatee
I have one of these, which is not hifi but bearable -


I also have a JBL On Stage II, also not hifi but makes amazing sound from four tiny neodymium speakers


Both have remotes.

If you want the best sound you can get from the iPod (also not hifi) then get the iPod's 'component AV cable' and plug the iPod into the aux or tape input of a decent system. Not surprisingly this is far more comfortable for extended listening than the docks, which are better than a tranny but a bit wearing at reasonable volume.

Despite Rattle's aversion to Bose, and my aversion to their prices, the Bose Sound Dock is the best iPod dock I have heard.
Ipod docking station advice - Manatee
Forgot to add, the Intempo has FM & DAB.

You can also get a Bose Wave system with an iPod connector for about £600 to which you can add a DAB module at further cost! The usual consensus is that the Wave system is vastly overpriced.

BTW, Rattle's mention of B&W speakers reminded me of the B&W Nautilus speakers - look them up. I came across a second hand pair on the web recently at £33k!
Ipod docking station advice - Pugugly
e even has a seperate consumer unit for it. Now that is barmey.

Its not Rattle - if you're spending serious money on a Linn system, the last thing you'd want is hum and fluctuating power from the normal ring mail (e.g. freezer switching on/off causing "clicks") - I have a friend with a similar Lin set up - he still views CDs as being unpure. BOSE is good enough for an iPOD dock. John Lewis do a vast range of iPOD docks, they let you try them in the store if you're nice. Always listen to a system before you buy.
Ipod docking station advice - Rattle
But he drives a 1.6 BMW 1 series. I am a HIFI buff as much as anybody but I am not sure I would spend 10 times more on a HIFI than a car.

I know proper setup does make a difference, when I bought my 45kg HIFI rack I noticed it sharpened up the bass and made the treble more refined.

I am quite lucky with my mains quality as the fridge/freezer/washing machine/dryer/dishwasher are on the old electric cooker circuit and seperate from the ring main.

Ipod docking station advice - daveyjp
I have Bose Wave system bought from a Bose outlet. It was about £300. The AUX out port means an ipod can be attached with no more than an aftermarket ipod dock to 3.5mm jack cable, but you won't have remote control. DAB unit is about £150, but a cheap DAB radio with a 3.5mm output can also be connected to the AUX input using a suitable cable.

It now lives in the bedroom and a 19inch LCD TV sits on top and this is why I like the Bose - compact size, but room filling sound.
Ipod docking station advice - smokie
I was v impressed with a mate's Bose. And for all this posturing about fancy hifi, surely the iPod will be the weakest link in any setup as the files are in a lossy format. Even ripping at 320 kbps is lossy.
Ipod docking station advice - Rattle
I believe there are some docs which have a built in DAC but I am not actually sure to be honest. Although the Ipods DAC is not too bad. Although I do follow Linn's idea of crap in crap out i also believe the speakers and amp have more of an affect of the final qualility of the sound.
Ipod docking station advice - Pugugly
The Bose is fine - actually been good company this afternoon while working alone here.
Ipod docking station advice - rtj70
When my brother moved to the USA 15+ years ago, he went to get a new stereo. Went to a decent hi-fi specialist and could try out all sorts of speakers, etc. The ones demoed and he liked were Bose (think the receiver was Onkyo).... then the shop opened the fake speakers up and showed the small Bose ones inside.

He liked the sound enough and bought the setup.

The Bose amplified speakers in my car aren't bad at all. Rarely crank it up enough to make use of the sub-woofer in the boot though... but when you do you can feel it! Factory fit/standard before anyone asks. Subwoofer makes use of the spare wheel.
Ipod docking station advice - Jamesh266
I have not been impressed with the Bose products I have heard in the past. However, my local Linn dealer tells me that the Bose Sound dock thing is very good.

This forum could perhaps do with a nerdy hi-fi discussion thread.
Ipod docking station advice - ifithelps
...This forum could perhaps do with a nerdy hi-fi discussion thread...

There was talk of a general gadget/hi-fi/tv/camera equipment thread a while back.

Not sure why it didn't come to pass.
Ipod docking station advice - Number_Cruncher
>>This forum could perhaps do with a nerdy hi-fi discussion thread.

Like a hole in the head. Most Hi Fi discussion is nothing other than quasi-religious mumbo jumbo - peversely given the highly technical nature of sound reproduction, most discussions about it are a science free zone, and are hence a waste of time.
Ipod docking station advice - ifithelps
...most discussions about it are a science free zone, and are hence a waste of time...


I hope there's room in your life for some art to go with all that science. :)
Ipod docking station advice - Number_Cruncher
In its place, yes, of course.

Metal Hi Fi boxes and cables aren't that place, their design, and their operation are pure science and technology, while their pricing and marketing are myth, "art", and spurious BS.

Ipod docking station advice - OldSock
..... while their pricing and marketing are myth "art" and spurious BS.

But I'm sure I get a better sound quality using my directional gold-plated phono leads hooked up to my 0.0000000001% THD amplifier when playing my records.

Totally agree, N_C - a fool and his money etc.
Cable with RJ11 sockets at each end - Armitage Shanks {p}
I need one of these cables and have found them in the shops at a fair price but they are sold as broadband modem cables and are described as "Crosswired" which may not be what I want. I need it for connecting a telephone amplifier and it goes in-line between the telephone and the handset. One end of the cable goes in to the phone base unit, the other end goes into the amplifier and the handset connection, which was direct to the base unit, now goes into the other end of the amplifier. Might the broadband wired version work for the application I have described?

Edited by Armitage Shanks {p} on 26/10/2009 at 18:14

Cable with RJ11 sockets at each end - Rattle
Broadband ones tend to have better quality insulation and protection from unwanted radio waves. As longs as it has the right connectors it will work perfectly.
Cable with RJ11 sockets at each end - Pugugly

If you e-mail me your address I have some spare ones in the attic - I'll post you one.
Cable with RJ11 sockets at each end - Armitage Shanks {p}
Thanks for the info Rattle, I might have guessed you'd chip in with your computer background! Rob, you have email! 30 minutes for a result, that must be a record even for this friendly forum!

Edited by Armitage Shanks {p} on 26/10/2009 at 18:33

Rates of Exchange - bintang
Can anone tell me what the value of the French Franc was in terms of Sterling in 1957 please? Online converters seem to peg out earlier than 1990.
Rates of Exchange - Stuartli
According to this link:


on 10 August 1957, France devalued from 980 to 1,176 French francs per pound sterling.

Also see:



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Ever wondered about a full size arifix kit ? - Pugugly

Totally non motoring but hey !!

Tonight BBC 2 2000 hrs.

Edited by Pugugly on 27/10/2009 at 17:33

Ever wondered about a full size arifix kit ? - thewildrover
I'm looking forward to watching this and the rest of the series. The ones with the lego house and longest scalectrix track should be interesting - both things I thought about in my youth.
Ever wondered about a full size arifix kit ? - bathtub tom
It's commonly stated that people can't pronounce SCAY-LEX-TRICK.

I've never seen it written the wrong way before. ;>)
Ever wondered about a full size arifix kit ? - bathtub tom
Was that a Ford Zephyr/Zodiac MKIV/MKV in the first shots of the replica makers in Cornwall?
Ever wondered about a full size arifix kit ? - Manatee
Just caught a glimpse - registered it as a Vauxhall Victor 101 (FC).

EDIT - I have it on disc - I'll go back and have a look!

Edited by Manatee on 27/10/2009 at 21:53

Ever wondered about a full size arifix kit ? - bathtub tom

You know I'll have to go and have a look on I-player now.
Ever wondered about a full size arifix kit ? - Manatee
I've looked. Still think it's a 101. C reg, which fits for the 1964-7 production as well.
Ever wondered about a full size arifix kit ? - bathtub tom
Yes I agree with you now I've had a good look.

Don't think I've seen one for years, real rot boxes IIRC, but probably no worse than anything else of that generation.
Ever wondered about a full size arifix kit ? - Rattle
I remember when I was about 11 trying to make an MGB it turned out very very badly :) I think it was because I was too busy getting high on the polysterene cement to to actually concentrate where I was putting things. I remember I painted it British Racing Green but it looked awful because I got glue all over the body work.

I am tempted to buy a new airfix kit to see if I can do any better at the grand of old age 27.
Ever wondered about a full size arifix kit ? - Pugugly
The programme was a nice bit of indulgence - no less enjoyable for all that.
Bicycle Makers Name? - 007
When out shopping recently I noticed someone's bicycle chained to a railing. I was very impressed by the design and thought I would Google for more information when I got home.

Sadly, by the time I got home I had forgotten the makers name!

I am sure it began with the letters RE and was about seven letters long.

Please can someone 'come up' with the name I have forgotten?


Bicycle Makers Name? - drbe
Pray - do forgive me.

The design of - the bike?

The design of - the railing?

The design of - the chain?

The design of - the padlock?
Bicycle Makers Name? - Happy Blue!
My very thoughts!

Bicycle Makers Name? - 007
Good suggestion but not the name I saw.
Bicycle Makers Name? - Stuartli


(basically importer and distributor).

More names beginning with R in this list:




Edited by Stuartli on 27/10/2009 at 23:13

Bicycle Makers Name? - 007
Many thanks, Stuartli. The answer appears to be Reflex.
Mis-sold holiday apartment - paul45
Evening All,

Recently returned from a holiday in Cape Verde, which we had a major problem with and I am after some advice from BR's who may have found themselves in a similiar situation.
We rented an apartment from a well known holiday rental website, selecting one with two bedrooms and air conditioning. The problem was when we arrived at the apartment we found it had no air conditioning in either the bedrooms and a single portable (but permanently vented) AC unit in the lounge which was hardly capable of keeping the lounge cool let alone the two bedrooms. There were other issues such as mouse infestation, woodlice and mould. We of course instantly took a dislike to the apartment, let alone its lack of AC. We complained to the owners over the phone back in the UK who were nochalant about our complaints stating that the unit had air conditioning in the form of fans and the single portable unit. We did not even bother unpacking but booked into a nearby hotel which did have AC in the rooms. We tried to be reasonable with the owners stating our issue with what we considered to be the mis-selling but in the end communication broke down when they stated that we had signed a contract and they were legally not forced to give us a refund. They then ended by saying that we had chosen to leave the apartment and it was not because we could not stay.
My first thoughts were to try and use the small claims court and my BIL who travelled with us is investigating an insurance claim on "inconvenience". I have also thought about complaining to the website stating that the apartment does not have AC as is posted. I would welcome any thoughts / advice for individuals who have been in similiar isses.
Much obliged
Mis-sold holiday apartment - safedriver
Sorry to hear about your misfortune.

You say the wesite is well known. I would certainly contact them, providing as much evidence as you can (hope you took plenty of pics). They might intervene on your behalf, which could save legal hassle.

You may have signed a contract, but if the holiday was mis-sold (and I suppose that would depend on the exact details of contract etc - you'll need a lawyer for that) then the contract doesn't matter.

Hope you get the appropriate recompense - good luck :-))
Mis-sold holiday apartment - Mapmaker
Contract was signed in the UK between two UK residents? Makes it much easier.

Sounds unacceptable to me.

Small Claims court is way to go; whether you will manage to claim for the cost of the hotel over the apartment who knows. if you claim for dining out you deserve to have the case thrown out IMO - you could have continued to cook in the apartment as by your own admission there is aircon in the living room.

First, though, tell the website (a shame you didn't tell them at the time to give them a chance to sort it out, which rather weakens your case) and discuss with the owners and mention the Small Claims Track.
Mis-sold holiday apartment - paul45
An update - and thanks for the help so far

Yes the contract was a UK / UK
We are in the process of contacting the website as you speak
We would not be claiming for anything other than the cost of the apartment, good point though
We received the damage deposit back today and 1 days rental on the same cheque, my view is that we do not cash this as this would be tantamount to accepting settlement
Bottom line is if an advert mentioned AC (twice in fact) you would assume that the apartment had AC throughout not just a portable unit. Maybe we should have asked but we have never had this issue before and in fact it is the first criteria we use when booking a place, i.e AC is a must.
Mis-sold holiday apartment - old crocks
I have just spoken to someone who used to own such a website company.
In his time, they would have been interested in such a complaint from an apartment user. They would have contacted the apartment owner and tried to find out the facts of the case. However their primary concern would be with getting an accurate description on the website and preventing future complaints rather than getting involved in your dispute with the owner.

The different websites have different attitudes to user complaints and some have started to introduce user feedback features. However this is a difficult commercial decision since it is the apartment owners who provide their revenue.

Hope you get this sorted.
Northern Lights short break - maz64
SWMBO has let it be known that for her upcoming 50th she would like to be taken to see the Northern Lights (I know they aren't entirely predictable). It would have to be a short break at the end of January, and I've found a few options online, but I was wondering if any Backroomers have particular recommendations or suggestions? Funds aren't unlimited :-)
Northern Lights short break - Happy Blue!
I looked at this and the answer seems to be a short break to Tromso. Depending where you live, you can fly there quite easily - but not from the north of the UK.
Northern Lights short break - daveyjp
This is on my wife's wish list and we have looked into it. You can do short breaks of 3 to 4 days, but the cost is high - £1,000+ per person.

An alternative is a trip on a Hertigruten ship - it lasts longer and is cheaper. If you want a shorter break Hertgruten ships operate every day on a scheduled service so you can do a DIY trip.
Northern Lights short break - maz64
You can do short breaks of 3 to 4 days but the cost is high - £1000+ per person.

Yes, that's the sort of figure I've seen.
An alternative is a trip on a Hertigruten ship

Thanks - I'll look into that.
Northern Lights short break - NorfolkDriver
Is she really after a weekend in Blackpool for her 50th? :)
Northern Lights short break - maz64
Is she really after a weekend in Blackpool for her 50th? :)


I remember the time when Blackpool Pleasure Beech was a nice place to visit...
Northern Lights short break - Pugugly
Same age as me and the M1 !!!
Northern Lights short break - perro
>>>Same age as me and the M1 !!! <<<

I remember a time when the M1 was a nice place to visit :)
Northern Lights short break - Dipstick
"I remember the time when Blackpool Pleasure Beech was a nice place to visit..."

Must have been a treet.

Northern Lights short break - maz64
"I remember the time when Blackpool Pleasure Beech was a nice place to visit..."
Must have been a treet.

It's taken me 20 minutes to get that. Time for a coffee...
Cat problems - Mapmaker
In the spring of this year, a half-starved young cat and a 6 week old male kitten appeared in my garden. I have fed them since - and had them spayed, but they live in the garden, they are not 'pets'. (They do a good job of killing rats and mice, though, haven't seen any this year.)

The cat is an ill-tempered so and so, and is just as likely to snarl and hiss and bite as to purr. The kitten is sweet as anything. They've never got on particularly well.

About 6 weeks ago the cat disappeared. Last week she reappeared but she absolutely goes for the kitten whenever she sees it - she will hiss and spit and sometimes take a swipe at it, he cowers.

The kitten lives in the back garden, where they are fed. The cat has taken to living on my front door step - which is by a quite busy road.

Any suggestions, or do I need to find a home for one of them? I know nothing really about cats, dogs are more my thing.
Cat problems - billy25
Sounds like Ms Moggy has a new batch of kittens hiding somewhere! - i think i would be inclined to discourage them from staying any longer, stop feeding them, install one of them infra-red Moggy-deterents that connect to the hosepipe and squirts water at them. They will never be able to be re-homed as such as they are feral now (like a lot of the kids around here!), better for you they move on to a lovely old spinsters home, before the kits are weaned and its Moggy-wars in your garden at night.
Cat problems - pda
Please, please don't just stop feeding them.

Get in touch with your local branch of The Cat's Protection league, they will then come and assess the situation. If there is a brood of kittens they will rehome them and the other two as wel,l if you don't want to keep either of them.

Best of all they will give you advice on what is best for them, and it's all free.

And do let me know what happens to them 'cos cats are nicer than people:)


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Cat problems - Lud
'cos cats are nicer than people:)

... as any mouse will tell you after playing with one for a few hours...
Cat problems - perro
>>> cats are nicer than people <<<

Cat's kill just for the 'fun' of it, gimme a dawg any day - perro.
Cat problems - piggy
<< gimme a dawg any day - perro.>>
Well,you would say that,with perro being "dog" in Spanish.
Have to agree though,I find men who are overly fond of cats strange to say the least.
Cat problems - Stuartli
>>Have to agree though,I find men who are overly fond of cats strange to say the least.>>

Well I've always liked cats - in fact over more than 60 years - and I'm certainly not strange. Weird perhaps, but not strange...:-)

We've always had dogs as well, along with a collection over the years of various animals we have come across in need of TLC after being abandoned or injured.

Perhaps you would care to explain the rationale behind your handle?

Cat problems - Rattle
I love cats, they are lovely loyal friendly little things :)
Cat problems - pda
>>>Have to agree though,I find men who are overly fond of cats strange to say the least.<<<

Now there's the difference between men and women because women find them very attractive!
But we look deeper:)

Cat problems - Stuartli
>>>But we look deeper.<<<

People who like and look after animals more often than not are equally kind, caring and generous towards their fellow humans.

Not written in stone, but more likely because you generally have to win the trust of an animal before it will become a true friend.
Cat problems - perro
>>>Well,you would say that,with perro being "dog" in Spanish<<<

Ah! I've been tumbled :)
Don't get me wrong though - I do like catz but I'm more a Perro purrrson, in fact I noticed decades ago how cat's would always jump up and sit on my lap for some reason ... if I had knuckled down to my Stratocaster a bit earlier, I would have probably ended up like Carla Lane with a menagerie of animals & surrounded by 14 acres! ~ www.carlalane.com/images/carla3.jpg
Cat problems - Stuartli
>>And do let me know what happens to them 'cos cats are nicer than people:)>>

Along with dogs and many other animals...:-))
Cat problems - helicopter
I like but I am allergic to cats so try to avoid them .... so naturally any cat for miles makes a beeline for me,jumps on my lap and wants to rub faces, claw my trousers and settle down for a nap.

I now always carry anti histamines for popping when I go anywhere likely to have a cat .

SWMBO is seriously considering trading me in after 35 years for a cat after our holiday in Crete where one of the villa owners cats had produced a litter of kittens which she had hidden in a large urn containing flowers on our terrace.

We spent more time looking for cat food than swimming....and SWMBO mothered the cat as she regularly came for food and attention into the villa, always disappearing at the slightest mewing from the kittens.

Last day of our holidays I emerged from the bathroom and went to the wardrobe in the bedroom to get dressed and found cat had decided to move the kittens into the wardrobe .... carrying a kitten in her mouth she left it there and dashed back for another.

What a performance trying to get them out and back into the urn and although this was back in June SWMBO is still worried about what happened to the cat and her kittens.

Cat problems - Mapmaker
Just for one, nobody in the backroom has any advice or a view - even if it is on trying to make two cats nicer to each other.

For those who suggest there are more kittens, you obviously missed my "and had them spayed" in my OP.

Mobile Phone - Names & Numbers - drbe
Is it possible to download and print off the names and numbers on my mobile phone?

The phone is a Nokia 6300 and I can connect it to my PC via a cable.

Mods. If you consider this is a CRQ please move it.

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Mobile Phone - Names & Numbers - rtj70
Synchronise contacts with a PIM on the PC and then print from there, e.g. Outlook.
Mobile Phone - Names & Numbers - drbe
Synchronise contacts with a PIM on the PC and then print from there e.g. Outlook.


Could you possibly go into a little more detail please?

What is aPIM?
Mobile Phone - Names & Numbers - Altea Ego
A PIM is a personal Information manager. They used to be called address books or diaries..

You need a PIM on your PC. Outlook is one. Or if you download the nokia suite for your phone, that will have a PIM in it.

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Mobile Phone - Names & Numbers - rtj70
If all you want to do is print then the Nokia PC Suite will handle it. Synchronising with a Windows or other operating system contacts/calendar manager is a good idea. If you lose the phone you just synchronise with the new one. It also means you can have contacts/calendar accessible on the computer.