Help needed at auction - Blue {P}
I'm hoping that a member can help with a small request, if anyone will be at the BCA auction at Walsall tomorrow I would like to know how much a BMW 320Cd Convertible goes for, VK56SYU.

I know it's a bit of a departure from a 520d but my dad has rightly pointed out that I can expect better residuals from a 320d convertible than a big saloon. I'm going to do a back to back test drive tomorrow as I really, really like the 5 Series but could very well be tempted into a 3 Series.

The first two that I looked at on Autotrader turned out to be from the same trader posing as a private seller, both were attractive cars that were very keenly priced but I'm afraid that dishonesty about his status as a trader has immediately killed any chance of a deal.

Help needed at auction - Blue {P}
Sorry I meant the Walsall auction on 27-10-09 (Tuesday), not tomorrow.
Help needed at auction - Blue {P}
Double d'oh!! I just realised that the one at auction is actually an SE and not the Sport which is the one that I want. Just ignore me, when I find one that interests me I'll let you all know.
Help needed at auction - Blue {P}
OK, how about DU06AXR at Nottingham on 28-10-09? If anyone sees this go through please fill me in on the price.

I've got the date and spec right this time! :-)
Help needed at auction - Big Bad Dave
I think that's some kind of record Blue, to reply the first three times to your own post.

Do you talk to yourself?
Help needed at auction - Altea Ego
He is worse than my wife. "how does this one look" "or this one" "what about this"
Help needed at auction - bell boy
Could you imagine him bidding Big Bad Dave?
It would be him all the way bidding against himself in case he missed his own bid
I love watching stuff like that