Love those cones ! - 1400ted
More cone related misery this morning......Erin Dors and I had business to be in Hyde this morning. Leaving, I decided on the M57 then onto the M60 and home.
Top of the slip road the sign was telling me 50mph but you can't see the motorway from this slip and once you're committed you can't do nowt about it !

Carriageway blocked...standing traffic in lanes 2 and 3. Joined traffic in lane one and bimbled along for a mile or so until we saw a sign telling us that lane 1 was closed further on.
Another half mile and people were getting out of ! into 2...800 yds before the cones.....first warning of restriction. Minimal movement in 2 and 3 from then on, then saw the reason, slip road coming in from left and lane 3 both merging into lane 2. So, effectively, at this point 4 lanes had become 1 ! A few hundred yards later the traffic lights were adding to the melee.

Of course, during all of this there was no sign of any roadworks or reasons for the lane closure. It took us an hour to do about 2 1/2 miles !

To add insult, during this crawl, the overhead information boards were telling everyone that there were delays ahead.......between junction 9 and the M6 on the M61........about 40 miles away !!
I wonder how much that little lot cost in pollution, lost business, flights, etc. There must be a reason, but I can't figure it !

Love those cones ! - Old Navy
All part of the policy to drive the private motorist off the road, so our inadequate roads can cope with the commercial traffic. Much cheaper than adequate roads matched to our population.

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