03 1.8 Faulty fuel pipe in engine bay - Peasant
I have a 1.8t, and one of the steel fuel pipes failed in the engine bay. Long story short it wasn't pretty and even though it sprayed all over the exhaust area it didn't go up.
My garage (which had recently serviced it) repaired it using a piece of rubber fuel hose as a joiner between the (now cut) 2 sections of fuel pipe.
Now I notice it leaks on startup especially, when the fuel pump presurrizes the system.
Even with a pair of hoseclips either end it still leaks. I guess this method is not going to work. Should I get the fuel system pressure checked in case it is too high? I noticed the note of the fuel pump changed about 2 months before this happened.

If I remember right the replacement complete hoses are sold by VW as a pack and you replace all of them. How much work is required to replace all the hose? the tank or fuel pump doesn't have to be disturbed... or?
The hoses are about 250 quid or so I think?

Any advice or guesstimates on what's involved?

03 1.8 Faulty fuel pipe in engine bay - Peasant
Hi lads,
any ideas on the cost of replacing the fuel lines, labour and parts?