01 2.2dci what should I look out for? - bluevien08
Hi. I have just brought a renault espace 2.2 dci privilage 2001 on a y plate but i don't get it until saturday.
I'm just wondering what should i look out for and can anyone say who has had one what they are like and what sort of MPG you can get out of them?

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espace 2.2dci - maz64
Good place to start:

EDIT: or having read it, maybe not...

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espace 2.2dci - bell boy
espace 2.2dci - injection doc
i would be looking out for a very very friendly renault specilaist who will become a good friend & start an account now. EGR valves, injectors, fuel pumps & electrics! all a night mare & one that renault would wish to forget. feul consumption not brilliant for an oil burner.
As bellboy says watch for clocking even with a history.
I would serach through some of HJ forums first.
espace 2.2dci - madf
Personally I would admit I had boobed and sell it immediately.
espace 2.2dci - cheddar
A friend had a 1.9 DCi which went to 130k with few issues.
espace 2.2dci - Lou_O
When I used to travel a lot in my last job I would sometimes be taken to the airport in an Espace of that age, it was a 'The Race' edition which always made me laugh.

The guy who ran the company admitted it was absolutely the worst car he'd ever run.

Can you get your money back? It'll be cheaper than owning it.

espace 2.2dci - stunorthants26
Id look out for any good deals for breakdown cover.
espace 2.2dci - DP
I think Renaults are pot luck, much like a BL car of a certain era. If you get a good one it will run on and on, but there are a lot of bad ones out there.

The problem is they are just so hideously complex both in terms of the layout of the mechanical bits (no thought WHATSOEVER to ease of servicing and maintenance - in fact it seems to have been made as difficult as possible), and they use a hugely intricate electrical system which suffers in time with poor quality connectors and iffy wiring. In short, anything goes wrong with a modern-ish Renault out of warranty, throw away any pre conceived ideas about repair costs. A clutch change in my old Grand Scenic for example was a 9 hour job and a grand! Main beam bulb replacement required the front bumper to be removed. Many parts are not available individually and require the purchase of complete (expensive) assemblies. £200 for a complete window regulator when a small plastic clip fails. An entire new driveshaft (on the Scenic) if the gaiter splits. Rubbish like that.

Renault eventually fixed their dCi engine issues, and the later dCis are among the best diesels out there, but unfortunately this was 2-3 years after the OPs was made. If I were buying the car (and I wouldn't either), check to see if it's ever had the EGR / turbo oil feed mods done, or a new turbo fitted under Renault's extended warranty. Otherwise it will only be a matter of time before the turbo goes bang.

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01 2.2dci what should I look out for? - TheOilBurner
Hi. I have just brought a renault espace...

Ouch! Sorry about your bad news.

On the bright side, at least you didn't buy the 3.0 V6. That requires a complete engine removal to change the spark plugs or cambelt. Much fun to be had with that one... So count your blessings!

Hopefully you didn't pay too much for it, so when it goes bang, you can quietly scrap it and consider it a lesson well learned.

Alternatively, it may be fine and you can come back and tell us what a load of negative losers we all are! ;)
01 2.2dci what should I look out for? - bluevien08
Thanks every1 you have made me unsure now of going ahead with this purchase of the car!
Its costing me £2500 its done 94k
01 2.2dci what should I look out for? - andyp
I would try and get out of the deal even if it meant losing some of the deposit, or have you already paid for it in full ?
01 2.2dci what should I look out for? - injection doc
on a serious not it could be the best deccision you have ever made. I guess its very inconveniant & may be a loss of deposit but these early ones could cost you what you have paid for it in just one repair!
I would have some sympathy with the seller if he loses a sale but an experienced seller if he had scruples would know not to even sell one.
If you go for it lets hope it behaves & you can prove us all wrong! afetr all there must be a few good ones somewhere!
01 2.2dci what should I look out for? - bluevien08
I have put a £100 deposit down. The dealer was getting the radiator and the cam belt done for me and a service!
01 2.2dci what should I look out for? - stunorthants26
Honestly, you would be better off without the £100 - better to loose £100 and not have to spend out what you paid for the car in repairs.
01 2.2dci what should I look out for? - AshT
Can't say anything about the 2.2 DCi, as both my Espaces have had the old 2.1 TD engine which has been faultless for me (incidentally I've still got my Helios TD for sale;) )

However, based on my experiences with them I'd say check the rear tailgate closes and locks and opens properly, and make sure all the electrics work before accepting the car - wipers, washers, central locking on all doors, and instrument panel lights especially.

As I've said both my Espaces have been largely faultless apart from the electrical gremlins and a stuck tailgate, but there are enough horror stories on here about Espaces of this age. I was considering replacing the Helios with one a few months ago, but was dissuaded by some good advice from other members here.

Sorry if all this sounds a bit negative, but if you do go ahead with the purchase and the dealer isn't giving a decent warranty it may be possible to buy a warranty package? Not something I know anything about I'm afraid but other members might be able to offer advice.
01 2.2dci what should I look out for? - Alanovich
For people carriers in this price range and of this vintage, I'd recommend you get your money back on this potential heap of trouble and look for a Peugeot 806, Citroen Synergie or Fiat Ulysse. Not perfect cars but at least they are far, far simpler and easier (not least cheaper) to fix than an Espace. I had an ancient Ulysse for a few years which was way over the 100k mark and the only cost I had save some wear and tear stuff like brakes was to replace the idle control valve, which cost a few quid off eBay and 10 mintues of my own time. And I am in no way shape or form a DIY servicer. The car went like stink and was actually quite good fun to drive.

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01 2.2dci what should I look out for? - redviper
Personally, i would not buy the car - I have had 2 reanults that where about the same age and where only a couple of years old when I got them

I will never again own a renault unless it can be proven that Renault have turned a corner and make some cars that are at the very least engineered properly or at least the electrical things in it work properly

Constant faults and potentially dangerous issues with both the cars i have had, never again!!

Of course all cars have issues, but it seems that to me, in my experience of renault, while being able to design some great cars they have yet to grasp some basic engineering skills.

Its easier in this day and age to do your homework before buying a car internet guides internet forums, a search engine and magazines etc all of these can tell you everything you need to know before buying thus saving your money, time and maybe even your life.

01 2.2dci what should I look out for? - motorprop
Moderator missed the commonest error : ' Bought' the car, not ' brought ' it ??
01 2.2dci what should I look out for? - gordonbennet
Humph should be along soon, he's a devotee of these fine motors.

I too would lose the ton rather than risk one.
01 2.2dci what should I look out for? - Pugugly
Humph's Renault made him the man he is.
01 2.2dci what should I look out for? - Alby Back
Where's me pills !!!!!!??????.............tic tic tic............


01 2.2dci what should I look out for? - AshT
Humph, I have two diesel Espaces sat outside the house at the moment, one could be yours for a very reasonable sum.... :)

Sorry, couldn't resist it, was that a scream I heard?
01 2.2dci what should I look out for? - Alby Back
More of a continuous primeval wail followed by uncontrollable sobbing.......

01 2.2dci what should I look out for? - Pugugly
"anything I should look out for ?" A breakdown truck by all accounts :-(
01 2.2dci what should I look out for? - Dynamic Dave
Moderator missed the commonest error : ' Bought' the car not ' brought ' it ??

I just amended the header and replaced the annoying 'txt' talk for proper words. I can't be held responsible for typo errors of words that I didn't amend/replace. DD
01 2.2dci what should I look out for? - wotspur
As someone who bought a RACE a '52, which had a new engine at 4k, another at 35 and 55ish, its now upto 105 and still gong strong, with only minor problems, it is freightening when you loose power when in the outside lane, due to the erg valve - as mentioned elsewhere -easily sorted by the AA man who easily diagnosed the problem !!

Prior to that I had an 806, got to 155k before a new engine and gear box made it uneconomical, but great for 6 years - liked the sliding back doors and electric wing mirrors on the SVTD -

For the price, it could do you a couple of years and you could be lucky -
hey punk, do you feel lucky
01 2.2dci what should I look out for? - barneybear
I have a more modern version - Grand 2006 2.2.Does 35mpg around town and 42 on a decent run, 42,000 and no problems at all, Would have another but going to downsize to Grand Scenic very soon if extended test drive proves okay. The Espace is the most comfy car I have driven over long journeys and the kids and extended family love it, Up for sale, but waiting for the right deal,,,