Stopped by police car when innocent? - L'escargot
Have you ever been stopped by a police car when you've been innocent?

In 50 years I've only been stopped once, and that was to be (justifiably!) given an SP30.
Stopped by police car when innocent? - Big Bad Dave
Yes, I was stopped for "looking under-age". I would have been about 19.

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Stopped by police car when innocent? - diddy1234
Yep, dropped parents off at the local airport at 1.30am then driving home got a 'random check'.

Worst experience with the police I have had.

They turfed the contents of the car out onto the road side, checked tyres, under the bonnet etc.
Eventually they got fed up (as they didn't find anything) and let me on my way.

I was glad that they were out performing these random checks, I just did not like the way that the police carried these checks out.
Stopped by police car when innocent? - injection doc
Yep had exactly same experience as diddy1234, stopped after leaving airport around midnight with 2 very tanned relations but police would not accept anything we said & they had real bad attitude & they turned the whole car out including suitcases by the side of the road in the freezing weather & we were there for about 30 mins.
Ended up with a producer! that was the best they could do & when i went to the cop shop they had the Reg number wrong & put it down for producing an MOT cert when the car was under 3 years old ! dufus or what.
i wouldn't of minded being checked but the attitude was horrendous for the 4 of us & never ever forgotton it
Stopped by police car when innocent? - Martin Devon
If that is exactly as you describe it then that should have been reported to the Chief Constable in minute detail and you should have persisted until you got a decent response. I did it here with two of our finest for coming out with the most ridiculous 'story' to stop me. Two backsides were pulsing Half Crown/Threepenny bit. Do the job right and earn respect, but don't and they leave their mark forever usually and unfortunately for them, on respectable middle England conservative voting natural supporters. The few spoil it for the many.

Stopped by police car when innocent? - Altea Ego
Between the ages of 19 and 29 i was stopped *at least* once a week for no other reason than I was young and driving a nice new or flash car.

Stopped by police car when innocent? - Cliff Pope
Once to be breathalysed - all clear, we then had a friendly chat about young children who have to be collected from friends' houses late at night because they can't quite face the fear of staying away from home for the first time.

Once so that the policeman could discuss my car, which he had never seen before (Triumph Roadster, 1947).

Once because my car apparently resembled the description of one owned by someone wanted in a murder enquiry. (I was innocent, BTW)

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Stopped by police car when innocent? - ifithelps
...Once because my car apparently resembled the description of one owned by someone wanted in a murder enquiry....

Yes, I was spun that line during a stop in the early hours of the morning.

Last time I was stopped and breathalysed was on the brilliant evidential basis I was seen leaving a pub and getting into a car.

Negative test, which the copper seemed a bit hacked off about.

I think, for some reason, he must have thought I was nailed on.
Stopped by police car when innocent? - dxp55
Same as BBD was16 on my scooter - probably looked 14 then every week on motorbike till I got a car at 24 - stopped once in Mk3 Zodiac because it was late - he just sniffed me and said goodnight, - always has a plain boring car since.
Stopped by police car when innocent? - bintang
Once, for a tyre tread depth check. All OK.
Stopped by police car when innocent? - craig-pd130

Yes, several "random checks" while out on my motorbike in the 80s.

I always carried my insurance, license & MOT cert with me, but this didn't mollify them, the bike was then subjected to a 5-minute microscopic scrutiny while I stood to one side and tried to hold back sarky comments.

Also pulled up by a bike policeman a couple of years back, after overtaking a mimser who was doing 35 in a 50 limit on an open, clear road.

I knew the bike cop was there, so I executed a textbook Highway Code overtake with an eye on the speedo, which never exceeded 50 at any point.

The officer did the usual "do you know what the speed limit is on this road", "do you know how fast you were going" and "I bet you didn't know I was there, did you?" questions.

When I said 50, no more than 50, and yes I knew you were there all the time, he said "you exceeded 50 by a considerable margin".

I'm normally of the opinion that one should just bite one's lip and take it when dealing with traffic police, but I knew I'd done nothing careless / dangerous. So I broke my own rule and I asked (politely) if he had the video on his bike running, and if I could see it to verify his claim.

He didn't answer, but started a long waffle about how slow drivers can be frustrating but it's important to stay within speed limits etc, then waved me off.

Stopped by police car when innocent? - DP
Leaving a mate's place in a tiny village in the wee small hours of a Sunday morning, not long after passing my test back in the early 90's, I was stopped by a panda car coming the other way. He pulled up drivers door to drivers door, and the entire proceedings were conducted through open windows. Nobody even got out of the car.

After shining a torch in my eyes, and noticing the key in the ignition and no broken locks (this was an era where joyriding was a huge problem in the area), the officer relaxed and became quite chatty. Apparently, a local had reported a car full of young people being parked up hurriedly in the village, and had said the occupants seemed to be in a hurry to leave the vehicle. They thought it had been stolen and dumped. The truth was simply that my mate was in a rush to get home as his brother had been taken ill, and we were keen to see he was OK. 5 minutes later, I'd jumped in the car and headed for home, and that was when I was pulled over.

I explained all this to the officer, and he asked for the friend's address which I told him (they never followed it up). I was asked if I'd had anything to drink that evening, to which I (truthfully) replied no. I was asked where I was going, to which I (truthfully) answered home. The officer told me to drive carefully, bid me a good evening, and let me on my way. No breathalyser, no producer, nothing. I must have an honest face.

That remains the only time I have ever been pulled over in 18 years and probably about 3 million miles of motoring.

Stopped by police car when innocent? - AshT
Several times when I was younger - driving an older car seemed to attract the boys in blue.

One occasion that sticks in the memory - I was driving home on a dark wet night with my son who was about one at the time, in a rather tatty old Escort. A police car heading the other way turned around in the road behind, came up behind, and gave the full blue lights and sirens.

I stopped the car, and ignoring my son in his car seat who was by now crying his eyes out they proceeded to all but pull the car apart - lights, tyres, wipers, washers, indicators, hazards, horn - to find something wrong with it. When this failed they gave me a producer (needless to say my licence, insurance, and MoT were in good order) and sent me on my way without any good grace or even a word of apology.

Their excuse for stopping me? They claimed the tax disc wasn't clearly on display. Of course it was, and how they could see otherwise on a wet night on an unlit road defies belief.

On another occasion I was stopped, again in an old car, an Orion this time. This time the officer was very polite, asked me where I was going and where I'd been, and seeing some rods in the back started talking about trout fishing (as it happened I was on my way from an evening fishing on Blagdon Lake). It turned out the reason for stopping me was a similar car had been used for a drive off in a local petrol station.

Stopped by police car when innocent? - redviper
Yes twice but only when I was 18 ? 12-13 years ago now

I was driving though Darlington town centre in my MK1 Astra on a Saturday night to pick up my girlfriend from a night club they followed me all around the ring road finally pulling me over (I had not broken any law)

Asked me to sit in the back of this Volvo T5 (I at the time was very worried I didn?t know if I had done anything wrong), and asked me if I had been drinking (which I truthfully said "no"), where I was going etc. while another officer went round the car checking tax etc

I had the car only 1 week and had only just sent of my documents so was a little worried (to say the least) when they radioed in a registration check ? to my relief it checked out fine. And send me on my way to produce my documents at my local police station within 7 days.

While I was sat in the back of the car I had left the ignition keys in , with the window down, when I told the officer he replied ?don?t worry son, we will look after it? (made me more worried, what have I done and am I going to the cop shop???)

The officer driving the T5, pointed to my big yellow ?MAX Power? sticker in the rear window of my astra and said to me ?We should have one of those for this car ? don?t you reckon?? I feebly laughed

2nd time same MK1 Astra I used to drive round the street behind our street where I lived in Darlington with my, then girlfriend. So that my car was facing the correct way in the morning

I had been out all evening and it was about 1am in the morning, driving down said street coming home. Blue lights behind me.
I stopped and was asked to get in the back of the then Mk3 Vauxhall Astra police car the drive a male officer asked me what I was doing driving round the streets I explained why and he did all the other checks, while a female police officer decided she wanted to search my car, after I signed a release form to ?authorise it? she went through the whole car, boot emptied glove box emptied onto the street the lot ? when she finished dumped it all back in the boot and slammed the boot lid down so hard the car literally vibrated and nearly shook to bits.

The other officer was really cool about it though, and I have every respect for the police ? this time I new the drill and I new I haven?t done anything wrong so I let it be just took my documents in the next day for them to check.

I have never been pulled since (touch wood)

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Stopped by police car when innocent? - Ravenger
Not me, but I was with a colleague some years ago when he was pulled over, and it was an eye-opener.

He was a young guy, in a tatty fiesta with 3 passengers including me. His car suddenly started misfiring, and while he was trying to find a clear spot to pull over to check it out a police car signalled him to stop.

I didn't like the officers attitude at all - very sarcastic - and they were claiming he was driving badly and deliberately causing the misfire.

We all protested his innocence, and after giving his car a thorough check he got given a producer. I suppose the fact that we were all dressed smartly in suits and ties helped correct his impression that he'd pulled over a joy-riding bunch of chavs.

I'd never seen police with such a bad attitude before. It really changed my perception of them.
Stopped by police car when innocent? - boxsterboy
I've been stopped only twice in nearly 30 years driving. Once at the age of 17 and officer took a dis-like to the whip aerial on my Moggy Minor but did nothing about it (I think he must have been bored - he certainly had no taste :-) ). Secondly when I was (fair cop) stopped after going through red lights at the age of 18.
Stopped by police car when innocent? - stunorthants26
Ive been pulled twice, once because my car was near identical to one that had been stolen the night before, infact id noticed my cars twin in Tesco car park several times so I knew this to be the truth. They were fine, got a producer, problem solved, it helped that I had my insurance cert in the glovebox and my license on me.

The other time was at night I was pulled over as a small green car ( mine was small and green ) had been involved in a hit and run and my car happened to pop out of a country lane which was one of only three escape routes from the scene so naturally I was pulled. He was very polite, check my car for any sign of damage, explained exactly why id been pulled and said good night and sent me on my way.

Both incidents were when I was 17-18.
Stopped by police car when innocent? - retgwte
been stopped loads and loads of times the vast majority when innocent

usually when they are stopping everyone on their way home from the pubs at chucking out time, had half a shandy and came up green so many times its quite funny really

or there is a classic rat run set of streets out of one town down which all the cars stolen at night get driven, been stopped a few times under suspiction of just having nicked the car - which of course i hadnt

a few times cocky young specials who just want to kick the tyre of a flash car and who are very lucky i was in a hurry and not in a mood to complain

and so on

Stopped by police car when innocent? - ForumNeedsModerating
Once in Cambridge in the mid-80s - driving my black XJ6 at about 1:30am. Not surprised really, I had a certain swagger & 'interesting' dress sense in those days & probably looked an improbable owner of such a swanky car.

The P.O.'s couldn't have been pleasanter - though all time time obviously picking up signs & clues & asking questions - the clincher was that I knew the reg. no - said it without hesitation. They wished me safe passage & I was on my way.

Funny thing though - truth be told I could well have been registering some mark or other on a breath tester had they checked (I'd had a drink or two much earlier...) & may have had a suspicious looking fag-end in the ashstray.

I'm unfailingly polite (though not obsequious) & non-chippy in those sort of situations & think they might not have been too stringent with me for that.

Sadly, in some ways, these days I attract barely a glance from the Constabulary - I'd like to think I still exude some bad-boy charisma, but I must be filed under 'pillar of' to them.
Stopped by police car when innocent? - turbo11
Yes. Around 25 years ago was driving home on my own. When pulled over by the fuzz!. They wanted to know why I was driving with L plates attached to the car. I explained that I was returning home from giving my then girlfriend a driving lesson. They told me that unless the learner was driving then the L plates shouldn't be displayed. Fair enough, but I still see them to this day, attached to cars being driven by a lone driver, ie parent etc.
Stopped by police car when innocent? - Snakey
When I used to deliver pizzas (in a blatantly obvious marked van!) I used to get pulled over all the time , especially after 11pm. Never for speeding just the usual vague nonsense.

Pretty sure it was the local plods tactics to let us know they were 'watching' us. Although in the 8 years I did it not one of the drivers had an accident or were done for speeding as it would jeopardise their job.
Stopped by police car when innocent? - RichardS
3 times:

Once about 12 years ago when leaving a warehouse that my friend operated his business from. Apparently there were a lot of dodgy dealings going on in the vicinity and the police were stopping vehicles as a matter of course. They were polite and I was allowed on my way within 5 minutes.

Second also about 12 years ago when the policement said I'd been stopped because I resembled somebody who had been banned from driving. Since I wasn't this person (which the officer could tell when he approached the vehicle) I was allowed to go immediately.

Third was about 10 years ago while returning from an evening out I was driving down a semi-rural road (national speed limit) doing about 50 miles an hour (this was at about 11pm at night). I had my full beams on (there were no lampposts, and it was pretty much pitch black apart from my headlights). Car comes up incredibly quickly behind me and overtakes me within about 75 yards of a blind right hand turn. I was gobsmacked that anyone would overtake before a blind turn and so didn't think to trun my full beams down. So it was a couple of seconds before I did turn them down. Imagine my surprise when from the car ahead that had done the overtaking a blue light appeared on top of it! He pulled me over and, very aggressively, came over to demand to know why I hadn't lowered my full beams. I explained that I was so surprised that someone had overtaken at that point just before the blind turn that I hadn't thought to turn them down. His response was "you did that because you wanted to punish me for overtaking didn't you", and he kept saying this (this bend had claimed the lives of a couple of motorcycles in the previous 3 years, so it was a known problem spot). He insisted on breathalysing me (which I passed) and gave me a producer. Then he had to let me on my way. He was an aggressive and dangerous idiot. The sad thing is my respect for the police and the difficult job they do was pretty high at the time - it only took one thing like that to make me reassess my position.

Nothing since, fortunately.
Stopped by police car when innocent? - FotheringtonThomas
Have you ever been stopped by a police car when you've been innocent?

No, never. They'll never catch me.
Stopped by police car when innocent? - maz64
>> Have you ever been stopped by a police car when you've been innocent?
No never. They'll never catch me.

Just so you know FT, being innocent isn't yet a crime :-)
Stopped by police car when innocent? - Lud
No one is innocent, especially when in charge of a motor vehicle. You have to be cunning and wicked to survive.

Innocent motorists are a damn menace.
Stopped by police car when innocent? - Lud
I suppose I should add that I've lost count of the times I've been pulled or questioned when driving, and even sometimes when not driving. I've posted several accounts of such incidents here. It doesn't happen so much now that I am verging on middle age and becoming a bit of a mimser. Breathalysed five times that I can remember, twice or three times when brushing the limit, but just brushing it.

In my youth I responded to police abrasiveness with the young by thinking plod appalling, and to decent, human behaviour on their part with a reassessment upwards in my estimation. However for years now I haven't generalised from the behaviour of individual officers, which varies in my experience from excellent to unspeakable, with everything in between. Like other human categories the fuzz come in all shapes and sizes. We have to have them and they need our encouragement to do their work properly. It isn't always easy work, there's a lot of it and those at the sharp end are much entangled in bureaucracy and silly regulations about non-issues.

Stopped by police car when innocent? - zookeeper
i used to get nicked on a regular basis back in the 70,s ....i decided to get a licence and some driving lessons later in life....not been stopped for ages since
Stopped by police car when innocent? - 1400ted
Been stopped a few times in the last 40odd years, but never reported for turn the question round, in 1966 I was on the night patrol van in South Manchester when we got a call to phone the information room. They did this for sensitive matters 'cos the press listened to the radio calls.
We were told to go and check on a man walking down a main road towards town.....the caller had said it was Harry Roberts, wanted on suspicion of killing 3 policemen. We approached very gingerly, slid back the window of the J4 van about a millimetre and asked if he was OK, studying his face. Nothing like him...were we glad. Roberts was later found in Epping Forest and is still a guest of Her Majesty today .

Stopped by police car when innocent? - zookeeper
nice story ted, harry roberts spent a lot of time in leicester "nick" the footy fans over the road at filbert street used to sing a song about him, not pleasant cheers
Stopped by police car when innocent? - Lud
Harry Roberts, wanted on suspicion of killing 3 policemen.

Shepherd's Bush... .45 calibre Webley... the plod were CID in a Standard Vanguard...

Quite a shocking incident at the time I seem to remember. A frightening guy. No wonder ted and his colleagues were circumspect.
Stopped by police car when innocent? - Pugugly
I've been stopped a few times - when guilty, never been done for anything though.
Stopped by police car when innocent? - ifithelps
...Harry Roberts is still a guest of Her Majesty today...

Only just...

Stopped by police car when innocent? - zookeeper
it must be a close call as to whos done more bird, harry roberts or ian brady....ive not googled it monies on brady
Stopped by police car when innocent? - 1400ted
Exciting times, the 60s....was involved in the Moors Murders as a cadet....We were used for the many searches that took place, in particular Keith Bennett. The area where he came from was being demolished at the time and we all finished the days filthy with dust and soot from the houses and workshops being pulled down. Spent some time on the moors after the arrests but we weren't involved in any finds.
Lesley-Ann Downey's grave is in our local cemetery, in a hidden corner due to vandalism....always lots of toys and balloons on it.

Stopped by police car when innocent? - Westpig
>>... the plod were CID in a Standard Vanguard...

I know this is pedantic....but i'm fairly sure their car was a Triumph 2000 mk1....the call sign was 'Foxtrot one one'

the link has a picture and i'm sure it shows a Triumph

Stopped by police car when innocent? - Lud
Two cars in the photo. The one facing away does look like a Triumph I agree, but the photo is pretty blurred. Perhaps Roberts was driving the Vanguard I remember being mentioned. It was a long time ago.
Stopped by police car when innocent? - Westpig
you're right Lud....the suspects were appparently in a Standard Vanguard Estate
Stopped by police car when innocent? - BobbyG
Been "stopped" twice in my 23 years of driving.

Once when I was 17, driving my dad's brand new white Carlton 2.0 iGL!
Pulled me over as it was an unusual driver / car combination - PC comes to the window asks whose car it was and why was I out at 2am. I sheepishly pointed over my shoulder to the comatosed figure of my dad in the back seat, very obviously the worse for wear after a colleague's leaving night. PC laughed loudly and sent me on my way.

Second time, not long after. Lets just say in my defence, when I chose a secluded point in an industrial estate to engage in intellectual conversation with a female friend, I didn't realise there was going to be an armed hold up at one of the industrial units!!
Stopped by police car when innocent? - Rudedog
I was stopped eight times last week by some very cheesed off looking Met police officers who were helping with a TFL traffic census in the area where I work, does that count?
Stopped by police car when innocent? - smokie
I was a kid when Mr Roberts was on the run in my area. Had to stay indoors for days...
Stopped by police car when innocent? - bristol01
Yes, but technically in breach as I was not carrying licence or other required documentation. It was a random check. I pointed out to the policeman that I didn't carry these things in the car as I lived in a high crime area so wanted to avoid car and docs getting nicked, and he sympathised with my position. Produced the docs at the police station and that was the end of that. All very friendly and civilised in my case.
Stopped by police car when innocent? - Bromptonaut
Yes. SWMBO obeyed driving with Xantia with me & family about 20:00 on a road between the M6 and Chester. Cop car pulled out of a side lane behind and followed us until the outskirts of Chester where the blue light came on. One copper came to drivers window and asked us where we came from and where we were going etc. Claimed car was weaving slightly but all very nice. Suspect he'd already done a PNC check and that possibly it was a practice pull.

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Stopped by police car when innocent? - Sofa Spud
I've been stopped twice, as far as I can remember. Once was when I was driving a lorry and driving very slowly along a country road because I was looking for a farm entrance in the immediate vicinity. When I explained my reasons the policeman accepted them and went on his way.

Another time I was driving unmarked van for the same company and I was stopped because the police were on the look-out for a van of a similar description but when they realised it wasn't me they let me go.

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Stopped by police car when innocent? - Bagpuss
About 10 years ago, just after going through security at Manchester Airport, I had my passport taken off me and was escorted by 2 armed police into an interview room because "you bear a similarity to someone we are looking for". Pleas that I was late for my flight and at that time was actually flying every week fell on deaf ears. I was asked for address, date of birth and a few other personal things several times. After 20 minutes I was reunited with my passport and unceremoniously turfed out of the interview room. Fortunately my flight was delayed.
Stopped by police car when innocent? - Carl2
Taking daughter on her paperround. I could clearly see police Galaxy waiting at the top of the road. No other traffic on the road but as they were in view I indicated then moved over to the otherside of the road and parked. Galaxy then drove over to me and the passenger told me he had watched me drive up the road on the wrong side. This was not the case and I could feel my anger rising. I sat there in complete amazement he then just walked off. I have never had any dealings with the police but I get angry every time I think about it knowing it would be my word against his.
Stopped by police car when innocent? - grumpyscot
Years ago, finished backshift and was giving my shift leader a lift home. Got stopped by the police (they simply drove their car in front of mine and braked hard!). They asked me if I'd been drinking. I said - yes - but not alcohol, only coffee. They called me a smart pink fluffy dice and started giving the car the once over - kicking some of the headlights and actually broke it. I statred to complain to them and they pushed me over the bonnet and started roughing me up.

Shift leader jumped out of the car and into theirs and immediately called control to complain. Control asked who she was - she replied - quite honestly - that she was the daughter of the Assistant Chief Constable and she was seeking emergency help - she kept the radio button pressed while control could hear the cops roughing me up. Within minutes another car drew up bearing a sergeant, who immediately arrested the two cops.

Got away with many things after that!

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Stopped by police car when innocent? - Westpig

Have you been watching an old episode of 'Not the Nine O'clock News'?
Stopped by police car when innocent? - Martin Devon
Oh! it happens. Mate of mine got severely beaten up by two cops in Middlesex many many moons ago in an alley within 50 yards of his house. Was only out looking for his errant dog. A straighter and more innocent guy it would be impossible to meet. Met paid big time.

Stopped by police car when innocent? - redviper

That?s a horrible story, and I would not like to be put in that position, - also in relation to the other stories regarding police beating up innocent people, or being awkward it is shocking?. the police should be respected figures of the community, whom are looked up to but they can only be that if they treat innocent members of the public decently and with respect, if you are a serious law breaker than you lose the right to be treated decently and I have no issues with that ? but it does the police who meet this criteria no favours for the small minority who do not behave properly.

I have every respect for the police, but its no wonder that people lose their respect when treated this way which is out of order if you have broken the law in a serious way then fair enough but not if you haven?t its no different to bullying.

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Stopped by police car when innocent? - deepwith
I haven't been stopped when driving. I have been in a car with husband driving on three of the four occasions he was pulled over.
First time was in London when in our beetle - PC asked if we would be interested in his identical beetle for spares. Unfortunately we had no parking so had to decline.
Second a less pleasant policeman, actually rather nasty, in East Sussex, who pulled us over because we were using hand signals! The beetle had semaphore indicators so we used hand signals too - as this was in the early 80's it was not that unusual. After picking over the car, he claimed our exhaust was dangerous as it 'stuck out' and he would take us off the road - the beetle was as it came out of the showroom in 1957. He eventually settled for a producer. Rather spoilt a pleasant day out of London - and we were late for lunch.
Third, again in the beetle, he was bowling along the M1 at 70 mph on the speedo (which only went up to 70) pulled over and asked what speed he thought he was doing? Showed him the speedo, was very polite and apologetic if he was exceeding that speed. PC shook his head, laughed, and said nobody would believe him if he booked him for the 90 he reckoned he was doing. Must have been going down hill with the wind behind!
Last time, I have mentioned before, driving back from m-i-l's funeral in London up the M6 in MLC's patch, pouring rain, heavily pregnant, in Volvo. Pulled over because, unbeknownst to us, water had got into the rear light cluster so it was intermittently flashing. Young policeman came over to talk to us, took one look at me and visible whitened. Errrr - did we need an escort to the nearest hospital? After assuring him I was fine, he and his partner helped my husband sort out the light well enough for us to get back to Congleton.
Three polite, helpful policeman - one who did his profession no favours.
Stopped by police car when innocent? - Andrew-T
Not innocent I'm afraid - about 1970 I was pulled over for having a pair of different lamps (fog & spot) on my Morris 1100.

SWMBO has been had for running a red light though ...
Stopped by police car when innocent? - Run-flat
Been stopped twice in 27 years of motoring.

1st near Aberdovey - managed to get a bit lost and had to use a golf club driveway to turn around. Local plod saw me coming out of the golf club and decided to pull me over. As soon as I opened my mouth he knew I wasn't local and I explained being lost. He said that he'd assumed that I'd been at the golf club, maybe had some lunch and a few drinkies and decided to drive. Didn't bother to test me.

2nd near home - got pulled over 'for having no tax' despite the fact that I had. I assume they just wanted to check me and / or the car out. They checked the tax disc, got back into their car (whilst I continued to wait by mine) and simply drove off without another word.
Stopped by police car when innocent? - Tornadorot
Has happened twice in the last 6 years or so. First time was Fife Constabulary trying to catch people with out-of-date tax discs coming off the Forth Road Bridge one November - mine expired at the end of December and hence was the "wrong" colour.

Second time, I passed a police station doing slightly more than 30 mph (oops) late one night and a cop car appeared from nowhere. Plod said they had had reports of joyriders in the area that night and their database enquiry had told them my car was untaxed!

On both occasions, after having a quick squint at my tax disc, they let me go on my way.
Stopped by police car when innocent? - Old Navy
That sounds like inteligent policing, checking tax discs on a main dual carriageway, limit 50, average speed 60, nowhere safe to stop except the layby, becomes motorway in half a mile.

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Stopped by police car when innocent? - BobbyG
Underlying message here seems to be that the police will stop you if they want, and there is a ready made book of excuses they use for doing so, none of which can really be checked ie. reports of joyriders, reports of stolen car just like yours etc etc.

Stopped by police car when innocent? - Pugugly
S163 Road Traffic Act allows Police to stop any vehicle on a road - don't need a reason to do so.