Tyre noise - P.Mason {P}
Having finally bought the car of my dreams(Civic Aerodeck)I am very pleased with the car, but there is noise from the tyres-Pirelli P600's.
I've checked the relevant threads in the Backroom, but wondered if it could be specific to the Civic/P600 combination? It's quite noticeable on normal chipped surface, much quieter on very smooth, worn sections of the road.
Has anyone with a Civic and these tyres experienced this?
Many thanks,
Tyre noise - Paul Mykatz-Tinks
Your mechanical bits are clearly far too quiet.

I know these things................
Tyre noise - Eric
I recently purchsed a Civic Aerodeck (x plate) and was disappointed with the level of quietness. This may be something to do with the fact previous cars have been SAABs !!
After fitting a sound deadening kit, things improved significantly, however I am still troubled with noise fron the rear, where the boot void acts as a resonance box.
My car is at present fitted with Michelen Energy Saver tyres which transmit quite an amount of road nose. I am about to change the rears and have ben told Vredestiens are a quiet tyre.
What was your conclusion ?
Regards, Eric
Tyre noise - svpworld
I'm still waiting for the ultra quietest tyres to be released! I put P6000's on my omega, a very silent car to start with. On the right road surface it floats along like a plane, but concrete roads do make a big contribution to the noise.


SVPworld (incorporating PSRworld)
Tyre noise - P.Mason {P}
Hi Eric, Thanks for your comments.
I'm happy about the general noise level,-much quieter than my last car, but you're probably right that the boot/load area does resonate. I may put some bags of sound-deadening material in there and see if it makes any difference.
Lovely motor, though!
Civic Tyre noise - CCman
Interested in this as I recently bought a late 2001 Civic 1.6SE Executive, which is very noisy - mostly from the tyres, it seems. TWO complete sets of floor mats helped, but still very disappointing. Where did the sound-deadening kit come from - and how easy to fit, pls?

(Re "I recently purchsed a Civic Aerodeck (x plate) and was disappointed with the level of quietness...")
Tyre noise - Richard_H
I have a T reg Civic 1.8 VTI five door

The road noise is very annoying as is the heavy power steering.

I find Michelins give a significant reduction to road roar and they maintain the handling.

I had P6000s on when I bought it and they were very loud.
Tyre noise - Steve S
Ditto - I find the Michelins are a good bet, certainly quiet but still grippy and they last ok.
Tyre noise - P.Mason {P}
Thanks for the input,y'all.
Until the 'new'car I had Michelins for 16 years and was very happy both with mileage and lack of noise. However, the tyres on the Civic are almost new so I'll just have to put up with the noise until I have to replace them...

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