02 1.9 TDi Alternator belt tension. Manual / auto? - Stevepil
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I had my alternator drive belt changed today, need to do my power steering belt aswell but ordered the wrong belt so that is going to be done shortly. The question I have is does my car have an auto tensioner or should the mechanic have done the ruler trick to check the tension in the belt?

I have looked at my car as wasnt here when mechanic done the work and with the engine running it sounds noisier then normal but I am not sure if I am worrying for no reason as my wife says its exactly the same noise as always, I then looked down the engine and it looks like one of the pulleys wobbles but then I know all engines shake and it looks like it is just shaking with the engine.

I am worried and tried to look online around how it should be installed and I am sure its been done 100% corectly, I just drive a lot of miles and worried what would happen if it wasnt done correctly. I know I am probably worrying for no reason just wanted to know if my car has a tensioner auto, as if it does I probably know it would tension it self automatically.

On another note, I was told today that rear brake pads will need doing in 3-4 months, I only replaced front and rear pads and discs 12 months ago, why would they need doing so quickly, I have checked and they do appear to have worn down, I have done about 10k in last year?


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02 1.9 TDi Alternator belt tension. Manual / auto? - Dynamic Dave
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02 1.9 TDi Alternator belt tension. Manual / auto? - elekie&a/c doctor
I would have thought that the alternator and pas pulleys are driven by the same belt.There is an auto tensioner for this.If there is a wobble on the pulley system then it could be a failing alternator pulley which has an overrun clutch system.Does the wobble get worse when the steering is put on full lock?hth