98 1.6 misfire under load - alternator? - bent i
Hi - my golf starts and idles without any issue. A soon as it is put under load it misfires. Once it is warm it then keeps misfiring when it's idling. With the bonnet up i can hear a 'ticking' noise coming from the alternator which corresponds exactly with the misfire. I haven't seen anything relating to this in forums - am i making 2 plus 2 = 5??
98 1.6 misfire under load - alternator? - Number_Cruncher
I suspect that the noise from th alternator is an effect of the misfire rather than the cause of it - does the alternator have an over-run clutch?

It's worth doing some basic checks to see the condition of the plugs and leads (if there are any leads), and to check for any obvious air leaks, and then getting the ECUs fault code memory read.

Hopefully, doing these tasks will point you in the right direction to find the fault - if not, then, you'll need to look at live ECU data while the engine is misfiring.

98 1.6 misfire under load - alternator? - bent i
thanks for the pointer Number_Cruncher - i never was any good at maths :-)