Manor Oak Abdn & Dundee- out of business - Falkirk Bairn
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It seems a sister company dealing with Honda still trades.

Buying your car you have to guess which Manufacturer will be around and which dealer. Life is getting more problematic and it is just not age!
Manor Oak Abdn & Dundee- out of business - Bill Payer
I've heard and read a lot of comments that it's only the activity around scrappage that is keeping many dealerships going. Apparently many of the "prestige" dealers (Audi/BMW/Mercedes etc) who don't benefit so much from scrappage are in dire straights.

Regarding Honda - we bought a new Jazz in Sept and the salesman (who we've known for some time) told us he'd sold 4 cars that day. I noticed Honda sold 14,000 cars in Sept when they've been doing just a few thousand per month so far this year.

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