Qashqai - The first 2000 miles - Alby Back
Well, I've had it a fortnight. Or to put it another way, for two thousand miles. It's a company car which I was given with a new job.

Spec is Tekna 150 bhp 2.0 diesel auto and includes, leather, bluetooth, six speed slusher, panoramic glass roof, xenons, keyless, dual climate, switchable/lockable 4wd and 17" alloys and headlamp washers. This one is metallic black with black trim.

I'm used to large estate cars so I was worried that it might feel a bit small. It's not too bad on that front with a good usable boot and subsequent loadspace with the seats folded.

I'm also going to be continuing to do a fair mileage so comfort takes precedence over most things and it doesn't disappoint here either. Seats are very adjustable and the steering wheel can be placed for rake and reach but I still can't quite get the position as natural as my old Mondeo. Not bad though.

I like the big glass roof. Not as much as one which opens but it still makes the cabin airy. There is an electric sunblind if required.

Its been years since I had an auto. Still not sure I like them really but it was a boon yesterday when I was stuck in a mega jam on the M6. It has the option to self shift with a sequential action if prefered. I think that will be my favoured technique on long descents especially in wintery conditions. Otherwise it picks up well enough and changes smoothly but I do dislike it shifting gear mid corners, doesn't feel right but I guess I'll get used to it.

No sports car but it bowls along briskly enough and has plenty of pull from the remarkably quiet and smooth diesel engine. Handling, as might be expected feels a little top heavy but it grips well enough. Copes well with speed humps.

The switchable 4wd is controlled from a rotary dial next to the gear selector. It has the option of running permanently 2wd or auto 4wd which allows some power to the rear wheels when the car decides it needs it. there is a third option of locking it in 4wd for very slippery conditions but even that will revert to auto 4wd when a certain road speed is reached. I hadn't really felt the need for a 4wd but who knows it might come in handy one day.

The keyless entry and ignition is amusing but strikes me as having no real benefit as indeed do the rear parking sensors. It has huge door mirrors and on a relatively compact vehicle with a high seating position has good all round visibility. Having a beepy thing to tell you what you can already see is a bit of an indulgence but again maybe they will prove useful. Clever though.

Auto lights and wipers likewise. Good toys but seem to me to be extra to requirement. Xenons are very good though. Glad I won't be funding any bulb replacements mind.

The glass roof was a bit of a worry as we use a bike rack but I found a clamp on backpack style one to fit.

Fuel consumption is only OK at 38mpg but apparently these are not famous for being frugal.

So far so good.

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Qashqai - The first 2000 miles - DP
Sounds good, Humph.

My in laws have just bought an 8 month old metallic blue 1.5dCi Tekna, which they collect tomorrow. They do a lot of short journeys, so a DPF would be no good, and my father in law, despite driving about 5,000 miles a year, will not entertain the idea of a petrol engine, so the 1.5 it was. This is a sweet unit as well - I had it in a Megane 2 for a while and it was a peach. I suspect the extra grunt of the 2.0 makes itself felt, but for them, a DPF equipped car would be mechanically suicidal.

I hope they get on as well with it as you seem to be doing with yours, especially as they have bought it as their "last car". Very encouraging to read such a positive review. Enjoy.
Qashqai - The first 2000 miles - Dave_TD
I'm moving house just after Christmas, and one possible job I'm pursuing when I get down there comes with a company car option. The diesel Qashqai is top of my list although in +2 format, glad to hear you're having a good experience with yours.

I've had a Mondeo estate, Octavia estate and 406 estate (all diesel) in the past so I know where you're coming from. I shall be watching closely, although I know you don't mention your new car much ;-)

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Qashqai - The first 2000 miles - Avant
Sounds nice, Humph. One thing that put me off the Qashqai was that, at least on the early ones that I was looking at 2 years ago, the back seats didn't fold anywhere near flat. Maybe they've sorted that now.
Qashqai - The first 2000 miles - Andrew-T
One tiny warning - I know of one Qq where the driver's seat was moved to the fully forward position and then could not be retrieved without going to the workshop. Maybe better not risk it ... but I doubt you will need to.
Qashqai - The first 2000 miles - perro
>>> Otherwise it picks up well enough and changes smoothly but I do dislike it shifting gear mid corners<<<

I remember getting my 1st 4 speed auto back in the 80's, having previously been used to the ole gas guzzling 3 speeders ... it was a BX16TRS and it was awful, I just couldn't get on with the critter - bought it brand new as well :(
My 1.8 Almera is a peach of an engine/autobox match - even with 4 up + 6.5 stone Ridgeback (in the back) it behaved well (the car!) over the 90 miles I covered.
I don't know about these ere new fangled gearboxes, but can't one put it in 5 or 4 instead of drive to stop it hunting back & forth - until ya'll on the open road?
Qashqai - The first 2000 miles - cheddar
>>the remarkably quiet and smooth diesel engine. >>

Sounds good Humph!

Intersting re the engine, is it a Renault unit in the Cashcow? I have struggled to find a 4 cyl diesel as crisp or smooth as the Mondeo, that simply goes when you put your foot down without gruffness and rumbling. The closest is the Renault 2.0 DCi IMO.

Qashqai - The first 2000 miles - DP
I believe it was a new engine developed for the car, in conjunction with Renault.

The smaller 1.5 litre 106PS engine is lifted directly from the Megane - it even has the same engine code. This is a beautifully sweet unit as well.

Renault diesel engines are fabulous, IMHO. They don't rumble even when extended to the governor, and they are super smooth. I've driven far rougher, noisier petrol engines.

Qashqai - The first 2000 miles - Altea Ego
>extended to the governor

wow what a sweet old fashioned word for "Electronic Engine Management Unit"
Qashqai - The first 2000 miles - cheddar
>>extended to the governor>>

If I was Humph I wouldn't let the govenor any where near it ;-)
Qashqai - The first 2000 miles - Alby Back
The "governor" isn't insured for it yet. Must get around to arranging that....sometime...

Dunno if it's a Renault lump Cheddar. Kind of hope not after my last experience with that brand but whatever it is it's smoooooth. Uncannily, it sounds as if it has more than four cylinders. Sort of like a volvo 5 cylinder or a slightly rougher 6. Aural illusion I guess as I believe it's a four pot.

The whole package reminds me of one of those very clever multifunction digital watches. You can't help admiring how clever it is and appreciating all the tech but......I think it will be a platonic relationship.

Cut and blow dry anyone ?