New car for the M-i-L - apm
Hi all,

The mother-in-law currently drives a 2000 X Honda Accord 2.0 vtec hatch. It's in very good nick, and has been very reliable, albeit costly to maintain recently. Mileage is about 115k.

There is a little money around at the moment (house move surplus and some from us) which means she may be able to replace her Honda. She will retire in a year or two, and may not have that kind of capital again for some time.

So, we're looking for a not expensive car (up to 7k) of reasonable size (Focus ish)that will last for 10 years plus without needing major expense. Newer the better. Happy with the unfashionable.

My thoughts are that there won't be much new in the price range; sadly the Accord is just too new to be scrappage material. I'm leaning towards a nearly new Ce'ed or i30.

Ideas and thoughts very welcome!


New car for the M-i-L - NickS
I was under the impression that since scrappage was extended, it now included all cars over 8yrs old; I guess a rule of thumb would be that all pre-reg change (i.e Prefix style plates) cars are all now "scrappable"?

I might be wrong, but a friend has just chopped in an X reg Laguna for a brand new A3...... and claimed their £2k allowance without question, so no reason you cant chop in a 9.5yr old Accord.

Seems a shame to get rid of a car that proably has another 5yrs in it at least though........... maybe worth sticking it on eBay?

With regards to what to replace it with, assuming £7k + £2k scrappage, I would have thought an i30/Ce'ed fit the bill perfectly. I would also suggest a Toyota Auris, but maybe a little out of budget............

New car for the M-i-L - Stuartli
A VW Polo or Golf is the right size and has the inbuilt quality to last as long as your mother-in-law requires a vehicle.

You can find used examples from the VW website:

or a search on the Net. The Honda will have some PX value as they are normally sought after.

My VW Bora is 10 years old next month and still looks like brand new when washed - it came with a 12-year bodywork warranty but, to date, has shown no evidence of rust.

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New car for the M-i-L - terryb
When I read the title of this thread I thought what a good swap! Sorry - thought I'd beat anyone else to it.

C'eed seems like a good choice - I've had a Kia for 3 years now and am impressed with dealerships, reliability and the workshops, which I've only had to use for servicing.

New car for the M-i-L - Happy Blue!
Other than a few short drives in a Hyundai i30 last week I have no experience of any Focus sized car. But the experience was enough to convince me that Hyundai/Kia have got it right and I would not hesitate to get straight down the relevant dealer and buy either an i30 or a Ce'ed.
New car for the M-i-L - NARU

X-reg now qualifies. I understand the car being traded in has to be registered on or before 29 February 2000. This is an extension to the previous deadline which said the old car had to be registered by 31 August 1999.
New car for the M-i-L - Alanovich
Marlot, that's V reg for September 1999 - February 2000. X reg ran September 2000 - February 2001.
New car for the M-i-L - MVP
Ditto to I30 or Ceed - I reckon the Koreans are unbeatable at the moment

New car for the M-i-L - Altea Ego
I bought my MIL a jaguar once.
Fortunatley we sold it back to the zoo after it bit her head off.
New car for the M-i-L - Avant
So she couldn't cheetaht car games any more.....

Sorry mods - yes, a Golf would be ideal but she'll get a newer Ceed or i30 for her budget. Skoda Fabia would be wortth a look too if it's not too small for her compared with her Honda.

Or an old-shape Honda Civic? Very good reliable cars, and easy to drive. I'd avoid the new shape - rear visibility so bad as to be dangerous.

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New car for the M-i-L - perro
Is it permissible to mention British built cars?
Why improve some American backed S.E. Asian economy when one can help our own?
My Sister has nothing but praise for her British built Astra & likewise my British built Almera.

Built in Great Britain:

Vauxhall Astra.

Nissan Micra, Note, Qashqai.

Toyota Auris, Avensis.

Honda Civic hatch, CRV-crossover, the new Jazz.

BMW Mini.
And, eh - Bentley & RR :-)
New car for the M-i-L - terryb
Err. For the record, C'eed is built in Europe - Slovak Republic.
New car for the M-i-L - cheddar
My M-i-L has 2002 Focus 1.6 auto, I check it over now and then and change the oil + filter every 18 months or so, its been totally reliable.
New car for the M-i-L - EoinM
I'd be inclined to go the C'eed/i30 route too. Starting to prefer the i30 due to its slightly nicer interior. An Auris should be ok too but they are horridly dull...
New car for the M-i-L - bintang
Its got to be Far Eastern. i30 excellent but check out the firm ride and avoid large-wheeled versions.
New car for the M-i-L - Gromit {P}
If I was spending my own money, I'd also look to the i30/Cee'd. Both cars seem well built and the extended warranties are reassuring. The dealers seem to be better than most, too.
New car for the M-i-L - cheddar
Its got to be Far Eastern. >>

New car for the M-i-L - bintang
Cars with than origen first choice on most counts except maybe excitement.