02 2.0 Haywire Door Locks - lilley
About six weeks ago when locking with the remote the doors immediately unlocked, every attempt produced the same result. Experiment determined that if the driver's door was locked with the key then the locks could be deadlocked with the remote and they stayed locked. After not using the car for ten days the locks decided to work correctly?? A week later the original fault returned. Then I discovered that if the front passenger door is held ajar the remote works correctly, then the passenger door can be slammed and the indicators blink to indicate deadlocking. Also the locks are reset and will work correctly until they decide to play-up yet again.

Seems to be a compute fault. There is a slight risk of leaving the car unlocked. What is the solution please?

02 2.0 Haywire Door Locks - sandy56
sounds like you need a new GEM control unit.
Not cheap.