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Incorrect Mileage on MOT Cert - chris_startsomething
Hi there,

I'm at a dead end with information and can't find out anything useful from the people responsible so I'm going posting here for some advice if anyone can help.

I've just recently come to sell my car, now I'm not the biggest 'in the know' car person. I use them from getting to work etc. But upon gathering all the relevant information regarding my car I've come across a problem.

The mileage on the last MOT certificate is totally incorrect. Like most people I've spoken to over the last few days, I got the passed certificate and stuck it in my folder of car paperwork and carried on driving knowing that my car is all good for another year. That was back in March 2009.

The MOT certificate states that I have done 109,993 miles. Now for the age of my car that isn't an unreachable number. When I bought the car in 2007 it had done 46,521 miles, the first MOT I had done with it was in the follow March and the car had done 56,892.

As I used to drive around 14 miles per day during the week and in the middle of that I had been to London, Manchester and Nottingham for some gigs.

The 2009 MOT is where we have developed an issue. It was again done in March, I passed and filed the documents away. I have done now done 72,991 miles in the car and am looking to sell, but I have an MOT certificate that states I had done 109,993 miles.

As I said before, this is not an unrealistic figure but I still worked in the same place doing the same mileage each day with the odd long journey thrown in.

Now I am trying to sell I can honestly say the car has only done 73,000 miles but when you look at the MOT it looks like I've clocked the car back.

I have spoken with the DVLA and VOSA but the only advise I got was to take the car back to the same testing station and get them to retest for free and include a letter confirming that the information on the new certificate was correct. Which obviously the tester isn't willing to do.

So I now look like I've clocked my car, and nobody really wants to help me with a solution. I can either sell the car and try to convince the person buying it that the mileage is genuine or take a massive loss on the value of the car that has incorrect mileage information.

Any help would be wonderful?
Incorrect Mileage on MOT Cert - cheddar
The tester will surely appreciate that it is very unlikely that you will have taken the mileage from 56,892 to 109,993 in a year and thus should acknowledge that the mileage on the recent MOT was entered erroneously, put them under some pressure.

Where does the 109993 come from, its not something like the test station number is it?

Lastly, do you have service records that back up the genuine mileage?

Incorrect Mileage on MOT Cert - injection doc
Had they read the milage in KM? The mileage can be changed but its real hasstle for the MOt station. I have done the same thing myself, I actually got one 2000 miles out & the customer would not let go. I think I had to write to the Area centre & the customer had to provide proof of the mileage etc etc. It was just easier to do another test!
Have you got the reciept for the test with the mileage on that?
Incorrect Mileage on MOT Cert - chris_startsomething
If I do another test then I'm paranoid about having a log for 109k MOT and 73k MOT.

The digital read out on the Megane is only in miles so I don't think they will have done it in KM. I can't being standard practice to use KM in any case.
Incorrect Mileage on MOT Cert - chris_startsomething
The tester seems to be an arrogant waste of space when it comes to answering my questions. He certainly doesn't want to admit that he was in the wrong. I know it's like 5-6 months since I had the test but I don't know anyone who checks their certificate to make sure that the guy who tested it can actually read.

Another thing that has since troubled me when I looked at my cars history on the VOSA site, I have a log from the garage saying that I failed an MOT because of some issues with my lights, however, there is the second log on the site with the passed certificate. I wasn't made aware of this at the time of the MOT so I really don;t know what is going to happen from here.

I think I may need to seek some legal advice on the whole thing. It seems drastic I know.

I had a service done the month before with a stamp at something 67k but I spoke to a dealer who I was interested in P/X with and they are like 'well the mileage is wrote in pen and this is a printed document'

i was like 'yeah but this printed document required some idiot to type it in' never the less, they won't believe me.
Incorrect Mileage on MOT Cert - Galaxy
The time before last when I had an MOT test I discovered after about two weeks that the tester had forgotten to sign the certificate! I should have taken it back to the garage to get it signed but couldn't be bothered. It didn't matter, the fact that it wasn't signed, anyway.

I expect that if I had tried to do the next car tax at my local post office then I would have got the usual amount of agravation and they would have refused to accept the MOT certificate, but I always do car tax on-line these days so never have to produce the certificate.

However, my story, like that of the OP, does serve to illustrate that you shouldn't just fold the certificate up and put it into your car file. You should actually read it at the time of issue!
Incorrect Mileage on MOT Cert - bathtub tom
I'd suggest the OP asks for the bosses details of whoever signed the MOT, and then for his bosses contact details.

I've found going two stages 'up the line' concentrates the mind considerably. Don't forget to mention VOSA at the same time. I doubt if you'll have any problems.
Incorrect Mileage on MOT Cert - Simon
Undoubtedly the mot tester entered the wrong mileage but in fairness if you take the car back 5-6 months down the line, how is he suppossed to remember what the mileage actually was, or even the fact that he entered the wrong one?

For him to write out another certificate with a corrected mileage would be wrong unless he can be sure that the car was at this corrected mileage figure when he tested it. I am sure that he truthfully wouldn't be able to do this.
Incorrect Mileage on MOT Cert - jc2
Just get your car MoT'd again and make sure the milage is recorded correctly,tear up the old one.
Incorrect Mileage on MOT Cert - chris_startsomething
One solution I've been given by the garage who serviced my car is to go to the DVLA office with the MOT certificate and the service receipt that I had done 3 weeks before.

The service document states the mileage of the car 3weeks before the MOT, and you have to try and prove to them this is correct and that I didnt do 60,000 miles in a week. haha!

I'm going to give this a go because the MOT test centre aren't gonna help me!
Incorrect Mileage on MOT Cert - jc2
How will they know that the milage on the service receipt is correct and wrong on the MoT?
Incorrect Mileage on MOT Cert - Stuartli
About four or five years ago the independent garage where I have my car MOT'd did a similar thing, the reading being two or three thousand more miles than actuality (the second digit was incorrect).

I only realised about a week later so called in and pointed out the error. A new certificate was written out on the spot and coupled with a genuine apology.
Incorrect Mileage on MOT Cert - jc2
A garage can't just write out a new one;they're on the DVLA computer nowadays.
Incorrect Mileage on MOT Cert - L'escargot
A garage can't just write out a new one;they're on the DVLA computer nowadays.

You may be right, but I can't see why they can't carry out another test (which would, of course, have to be paid for) and supply another certificate based on the results of that test.

Edited by L'escargot on 13/10/2009 at 10:08

Incorrect Mileage on MOT Cert - L'escargot
Just get your car MoT'd again and make sure the mileage is recorded correctly, tear
up the old one.

I agree. It will more than likely be money well spent.

Edited by L'escargot on 13/10/2009 at 07:44


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