Panoramic windscreen - L'escargot
What happened to the Astra panoramic windscreen that received lots of TV advertising a few months ago? I haven't noticed a single one.
Panoramic windscreen - cheddar
I am sure I have seen one or two.

I had a C4 Picasso hire car in the summer, similar idea, quite liked it.
Panoramic windscreen - TheOilBurner
An expensive extra on a car that is already priced a little too high. Plus many people think the panoramic roof looks ugly.

Guess what happened...
Panoramic windscreen - gmac
Great idea but in reality, unless I wear sunglasses all the time (which I don't like doing), find I drive everywhere with the sunblind pulled forward to where a normal windscreen starts.

This is on a C4 GP.
Panoramic windscreen - BobbyG
I passed a Passat CC which I am sure had one of these or something similar.
Car was white and had either panormaic windscreen or the sunroof is very close to the windscreen.
I was coming down a hill in the van as it was coming up and the car just looked fantastic.