QX - No CBC review? - Alanovich
I've recently been asked my thoughts about the Nissan QX by someone thinking about buying one. I know nothing about them, other then they're big and often minicabbed, so I turned to CBC. Nix. Is this the only car HJ hasn't got any info for? I was slightly taken aback! Am I being myopic?
QX - No CBC review? - rtj70
Is it not the Maxima QX? If yes then it's there.

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QX - No CBC review? - OldSock
No Citroën CX, either (but perversely the 2CV is covered)
QX - No CBC review? - Auristocrat
The QX was the replacement for the Maxima - introduced in about 1995. Came in 2 litre and 3 litre versions - both V6's - and three levels of trim.Seemed to have the usual Nissan reliability of the period
QX - No CBC review? - rtj70
I think the Maxima name will have still been in use outside of the UK market. So HJ is right to refer to it as he does.
QX - No CBC review? - ifithelps
A QX is a large, fast-depreciating saloon that few people want.

I'm surprised the OP doesn't want to buy one himself.

Probably not big enough. :)
QX - No CBC review? - Alanovich
Thanks all.

ifithelps - I do quite like them as it goes. :-) They've depreciated quite enough by now though, surely?

I do love big saloons, ever since my Dad swapped his Mark 2 Cortina for a Mk V Zodiac Executive 3.0 V6.

QX - No CBC review? - johncyprus
After my experience with a QX I wouldn't recommend one. I've had Nissans before and found them to be 100% reliable, sadly my QX turned into a moneypit and I sold it at a big loss. I bought my 2001 3.0 SE 64K with FNSH when it was five years old and immaculate. What you see with the QX is what you get, it's a luxurious barge not inspiring to drive but very, very comfortable. I had no problems for two years and then it just cut out when I was driving with no warning whatsoever. I had it towed to my local trusted indy who diagnosed a failed idle control valve ( £500 plus from Nissan UK ! ) I sourced one from the USA at half the cost. The car would run but it wouldn't idle below 1400 revs. The MOT then runs out and I can't get an MOT. The car then gets taken to two main dealers neither of whom can get it to idle properly. I found the price of Nissan parts laughable, they wanted £90 for inlet manifold gaskets, on a trip to the USA I was able to pick them up for less than $20. Eventually some £800 spent I decide to call it a day and I ebayed it and a gentlemen fom Lithuania bought it to take home. I would recommend a big Ford much less risk involved.
QX - No CBC review? - tintin01
I totally agree with the comment about the price of Nissan parts. They may not need many, but when they do it seems to cost a fortune.
QX - No CBC review? - Soupytwist
If you delve back a couple of years into the past of the Backroom you'll find quite a few posts on the QX. One fairly well regarded poster in particular had one which he seemed to like.