01 1.9tdi "Pinking" - bertie
Hello, please excuse my ignorance in this area, though l would be very grateful for any advice & opinion.

The Alhambra 1.9tdi has been extremely reliable over the past near four years. Though there is nearly 168, 000 miles on the clock, it has a full service history & runs fine.

However, over the past few months, under conditions of low excelleration, l have noticed what l can best describe as "pinking" a metallic creaking until the car has reached a faster speed.

Is this something that a diesel would do?

Views gratefully sought as to cause & any actions needed.

{'y' changed to 01 as the compulsory fill in box asks for the year, not the registration number!}

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01 1.9tdi "Pinking" - davecuk
No....perhaps piston slap or something else worn, is the sound at half engine speed, less or at engine speed?
01 1.9tdi "Pinking" - bertie
Hello & thank you for the response.

the sound is at less engine speed under conditions when there may not be enough revs during excelleration.
01 1.9tdi "Pinking" - davecuk
The places to start looking would be Camshaft, Timing Chain (if it has one). Also have a look at the oil for any metal particles in case anythings breaking up.

A good look around the engine bay might also turn up something unexpected, so have a good search around for anything that might not look right....then start the car and have a good listen all round under the bonnet.

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01 1.9tdi "Pinking" - bertie
OK, thank you for your help.