"Ford Drivers Are Slobs" - drbe
Ford drivers are slobs - so says a report in the Telegraph today.

It also states that the worst offenders are in the South East (shurely shome mishtake?)

"Ford Drivers Are Slobs" - davidh
so, the findings show that the most popular brand of car (Ford) have the most litter thrown from them.

so, the findings show that the most litter is thrown in the most densely populated part of the country.

Quality results then.......
"Ford Drivers Are Slobs" - NARU
I thought it was particularly poor journalism.

Next week: Survey finds that all popes are catholic?

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"Ford Drivers Are Slobs" - Andrew-T
A survey I did yesterday (Sunday, and admittedly on a small and unrepresentative sample) suggested that the cars most likely to obstruct one's progress by driving at ~35mph on a NSL road, were tin-coloured Vauxhalls (Astras or Corsas). What conclusion can I draw?
"Ford Drivers Are Slobs" - Mick Snutz
What a total non story. I'm surprised at the Torygraph for printing such rubbish.
Ok, so whilst some bright spark following a lot of cars came to the conclusion that most rubbish was thrown from a Ford its a bit like saying 'most rubbish was thrown from someone who had a head!'.

It proves nothing other than perhaps Fords are more popular in certain parts of the UK.
"Ford Drivers Are Slobs" - Rattle
You know what Vauxhall drivers are the most likely to tailgate me, guess what they are also here probably the most popular marque due the huge amount of Astras and Zaferas.

Ford drivers round here are too busy having their cars welded :).

PS I am a Ford fan and only joking :).

It is just the utter crap they come out with sometimes. Certainly round here Fords and Vauxhalls are the most common marques by a long way although BMW, VW and Audi must be getting close. Maybe I should write a 20,000 word report saying that Ford drivers are most likely to die in an accident and of course forget to mention that there are more Fords than any other brand of car in the UK!

Oh well its amusing anyway.
"Ford Drivers Are Slobs" - Martin Devon
Someone lock this. Dead end street?
"Ford Drivers Are Slobs" - PhilW
Why is it poor journalism and a non-story "by the Telegraph" when it was reporting the results of a survey by "Keep Britain Tidy"? It also appeared in other papers and was one of the items dicussed at length on the Jeremy Vine Show on Radio 2 this aft. One of the shocking things apparently is the number of plastic bottles thrown out of truck and van cabs full of wee-wee because drivers apparently can't be bothered to stop to relieve themselves! It was news to me - and I wondered whether ofr not it was more dangerous than using a mobile phone - room for further research????
"Ford Drivers Are Slobs" - oldnotbold
And in next week's edition:

Survey of tyre centres finds that most tyres are black

High amounts of traffic in vicinity of McDonalds' drive through restaurants

Cars leaving supermarkets contain huge amounts of food, some of which will get thrown away.

"Ford Drivers Are Slobs" - PhilW
OK, OK - but......the amount of rubbish by the side of UK roads is a disgrace, (is it a reason for so many cars by the roadside with punctures? - never see that abroad) as is the amount of litter in most of our towns. It strikes you as soon as you come back from the continent where you never (OK rarely) see any rubbish by roads or in towns. Why do we deface our beautiful countryside with a continuous stream of (plastic?) waste; why do people think it is OK to just throw the McDonalds wrappers on the street; why do market traders just leave their waste in the market square? Wait 'til the leaves fall of the trees - evirtually every bush/tree is decotated with plastic waste. Mind you, have a coffee on any British station and try to find somewhere to put the empty cup and you'll be struggling.
"Ford Drivers Are Slobs" - maz64
It would have been more interesting if the reporter had interviewed some of the litter throwers.
"Ford Drivers Are Slobs" - oldnotbold
Like most on here, I either put it in a bin, or bag it to take home.

I well remember going to an out of the way beach in Corsica in about 84, and seeing the barbed wire fence along the trackside festooned with carrier bags containing the litter that the beach-goers had left to be collected - all summer, by the looks of things.