please help!!! keys query... - frogface
i have just bought a 2001 seat alhambra with only one key, i thought it would be simple to get a new key for it but in the handbook it says it can't be done without the key tag - which didn't come with the car...

does this mean it's impossible/ridiculously expensive to get an extra key cut? and what if i were to lose the one i have???

am a car key virgin so any advice appreciated! thankyou
please help!!! keys query... - adverse camber
try an auto locksmith. I did hear that vw group had stopped giving out the security codes, but a couple of years ago it cost me £120 for a VAG key to be coded. It is the coding the key to the immobiliser that is the issue.
please help!!! keys query... - frogface
thankyou - 120 I can cope with - the AA website said it could cost up to 1000 to reprogram the engine management system!!!! is an auto locksmith as effective as a main dealer or is it the case i could get a dodgy one?

please help!!! keys query... - Armitage Shanks {p}
These people are nationwide and may help
please help!!! keys query... - fredthefifth
Have you tried the dealership?

I had a 2002 Alhambra. Never had to buy one but thought a new key was £60 and then there was a procedure for 'paring' the key with the car.

Also try the forum at The Alhambra/Sharon and Galaxy are covered in a wealth of detail there.

Hope this helps.

please help!!! keys query... - frogface
brilliant thanks for help everyone, i'm a bit less panicked now sounds like the AA website isn't necessarily accurate, will try the people suggested, THANKYOU again!
please help!!! keys query... - nigelbrooks
I hope help from a newbie on this forum is acceptable.

Reprogramming the keys on an Alhambra (once you have them) is a breeze.

It takes 20 seconds (roughly).

1. Put the key into the drivers door lock.
2. Turn the key to 'lock' the car and then THREE times to the 'unlock' position(the security LED in your door will glow 'constant' red)
3. WITHIN 10 SECONDS remove the key and.....
4. Press and hold the lock button on the key
5. With the lock button still held, press the unlock button on the key three times.
6. Release the lock button on the key.
7. The security LED will flash (as will the key) 10 times to let you know that the coding has been accepted.
8. JOB DONE, £120 delaer 'complex job' fee saved.

Hope this helps someone.
please help!!! keys query... - brum
I hope help from a newbie on this forum is acceptable.
Reprogramming the keys on an Alhambra (once you have them) is a breeze.

Unfortunately nigelbrooks, you didnt read up your stuff very well.

The procedure you describe is to program the remote locking unit in the car, to accept the key.

So now you have a key that will open the doors using the buttons....

To start the car you need to program the PATS chip in the key to match the ECU (immobiliser) in the car. This can only be done by specialist equipment and security codes.