Humph's new motor.... - Alby Back
Well, don't panic, the old Mondy is still alive and well, of yesterday, I aquired a new car.

It's a company car. As some of you will know I've been self employed for donks but I've recently ageed to wage slavery again. The deal included a car or car deal. At first they wanted to give me a BMW X5 3.0 diesel Sport with lots of bells and whistles. Terribly generous and all but the BIK tax would have been ruinous. Circa £7000 p.a.

Eek !

Anyway, I looked at car allowances, mileage allowances and so on and it all gets a bit marginal because I will still do a substantial mileage.

Bottom line is ( see, I'm getting back into corporate speak already ) I've got a Nissan Qashqai Tekna 4x4 2.0 dci auto. Black with black leather and a panoramic roof.

Stonking motor. Nippy, comfy, bit girly, but hey.....the Bluetooth is pretty cool.

Chuffederooney.... Report in due course....


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Humph's new motor.... - Manatee
I believe X5s are good but even without the BIK I think I'd get fed up with the jibes.

As a tool I should think the Squashy would be excellent. Be interesting to see if you have the same problem as my colleague with the DPF.

Hope you enjoy it - you need to when you spend so much time in a car.
Humph's new motor.... - gordonbennet
Congrats on the new job Humph, hope all goes well.

The Mondy will pine away without the regal behind planted firmly in the seat, i hope you'll treat her to a wash and brush up frequently (and an ocassional oil change) and whisper sweet nothings in her shell like's when no one's about.
Humph's new motor.... - Alby Back
Ta GB. Don't suppose I'll ever sell the old 'un . It deserves a gentle retirement. Anyway, the new car has this glass roof and I'm not sure I can get my bike racks on there and I'm too Scottish to pay for a towbar on someone else's car ! Sunday runs with the bikes on top will keep the old girl ticking over for now.

We'll see how the job goes. I'm not used to having responsibilities !

"Squashy" ....I like that !

Humph's new motor.... - DP
A work colleague had a Qashqai 2.0dCi as a loaner from the lease company for a week while his Vectra was in for repair, and didn't want to give it back. Reckoned it was the most comfortable car he'd ever driven.

Good luck with it Humph, and congrats on the job. Keep us posted.

Humph's new motor.... - BobbyG
Humph, remember as an employee you won't be able to smoke in the car....
Humph's new motor.... - Alby Back
Haven't yet Bobby. Smells too nice. Good for my health too. So they say.......

Humph's new motor.... - Pugugly
Nice car - don't worry about negativity on here. All the best with the new job.
Humph's new motor.... - Manatee
Are we expecting negativity or have I missed some? Apart from the very supercilious dealer response to her DPF experiences, my colleague is very happy with her car.

It's do-everything car, like the CRV. Comfort, decent performance, drives like a car not a commercial vehicle, versatile carrier, goes more or less anywhere and the owner doesn't need his own oil well.

Very common sensical, designed in Milton Keynes and made in Sunderland so a small contribution to UK manufacturing as well. Full marks!
Humph's new motor.... - Alby Back
Thanks for the encouragement all. It's been a while since I had a new car, or a proper job for that matter.........

Humph's new motor.... - BobbyG
Good luck with the job Humph, I hope you can adapt from s/e to employed.
I went from a closely supervised position with one employer to a fairly senior and much-less-reporting-to job.
I really couldn't go back to my previous job!

Hope you adapt well, welcome to the world of Health & Safety, induction, mandatory training, policies & procedures, performance reviews, staff forums etc etc.....

But also sick pay and company pension contributions!!
Humph's new motor.... - rtj70
Haven't yet Bobby

A company car is deemed a place of work and therefore it is illegal to smoke in it. Likewise if you have a room at home classified as an office (I do as I am a home/mobile worker) then that too is a place of work and nobody can smoke in it.

You will actually find the car will come with no smoking stickers which you are meant to stick on the inside. I don't.

So both Humph and Cheddar are swapping from Mondeo's to different cars. What's the world coming to ;-)

All the best with the new job.
Humph's new motor.... - cheddar
So both Humph and Cheddar are swapping from Mondeo's to different cars. What's the world coming to ;-) >>

Hey, though like Humph I wont be selling the Mondeo, it still has the family car roll to fulfill cos the short(ish) term Mini Cooper S is rather, er, mini in that regard, the good thing though is low BiK and 175bhp!

Humph, "snap" kind of sums it up, how did it come about for you? I was kinda head-hunted made an offer too good to refuse. Re cars (to keep on track) I was tempted by the generous car allowance though decided a company car makes most sense, it might not end up being the most flexible car policy though I will have a decent motor that does not cost the earth whether it is via BiK or my money.
Humph's new motor.... - rtj70
Should have also said all the best for the Job to Cheddar too ;-) But this was Humph's thread until I linked the two (sort of).
Humph's new motor.... - gordonbennet
Should have also said all the best for the Job to Cheddar too ;-) But

Humph's new motor.... - Avant
Congratulations Humph and best of luck. Let's hope that both job and car are Cashcows.
Humph's new motor.... - Nickdm
And what happened to the Signum?! 2 cars for oneself is indulgent, 3 would be crazy!!
Humph's new motor.... - Alby Back
Humph's new motor.... - ifithelps
Congratulations on the new job.

I got the impression you were fairly disciplined and dedicated when you were self-employed, so if anyone can adapt to wage slavery again, you can.

Were I your gaffer, I'd be thinking Humph is the sort of guy who can be trusted to put the graft in, and might work harder with no one looking over his shoulder.

I had a brief look at a Qashquai, and thought there was not a great deal of room around the driver, but then there is a bit more of me than the doctor says is strictly healthy.

A guy I know who works at Nissan has one and speaks highly of it, which is a pretty good recommendation.

Shame you've bailed out of Ford, but having spent so many hours in the Mondy, I can quite see why you'd be looking for change of scenery.

Humph's new motor.... - Avant

I like it. The Mondeo, however, is clearly far from ausgeklappt.
Humph's new motor.... - Lud
Girly, bluetooth... I don't like the sound of it. Nor do I welcome the departure of HB from the ranks of lounging idlers and freelance huslers in tee shirts and yellow boots. There are too few of us as it is.

Everything's going dodgy. Just read the Daily Telegraph if you don't believe me.

For those who like a bit of cod German and German names in general, may I recommend Funny Old World in the current Private Eye?

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Humph's new motor.... - Pugugly
Just reading that bit a few minutes ago in PE !
Humph's new motor.... - spikeyhead {p}
I'm also rarely using my Mondeo. its barely moved in the last six weeks, living in digs in the Netherlands that are a five minute walk from work and every other journey I make is by bicycle or bus.