03 1.9 rubbish mpg - badger123
hi please help me !!!! ive just got a 130 tdi golf and its only doing low 30 to the gallon
ive put a air flow meter on it and a egr valve and it has made no difference im driveing it fairly steady and getting very low mpg and the odd puff of black smoke it also seems to be a bit under powered/lazy compaired to my fabia vrs which has the same engine

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03 1.9 rubbish mpg - davecuk
Sounds as if the turbo isn't working, but if that was the case you would presumably know instantly?
03 1.9 rubbish mpg - 659FBE
If there was no boost, the boost pressure transducer and engine control would not allow excess fuel.

There is no substitute for getting the fault codes read - which you should do. My money, however would be on the fuel temperature transducer - cheap and easy to replace.

03 1.9 rubbish mpg - badger123
hi thanks for your replyive had it in at a local garage and he linked it up but it not come up with a fault !!! i dont think its a vagcom the turbo is working as its not flat but is just lazy if you know what i mean ive just got rid of a 18turbo vrs and that was doing more mpg than this and im driving it like a granny
03 1.9 rubbish mpg - badger123
hi , where do i find the fuel temperature transducer and what does it look like cheers chris
03 1.9 rubbish mpg - badger123
i guys had it pluged in and it came up with code 18243 Pressure Contr.Solenoid 5 Short to B+ does this mean anything to anyone chris