Choice of tyres - Bridgestone cheapest? - Nickdm
Th e X3 is nearing 3 years and 22k miles and all 4 gumball tyres look fairly worn out. I suspect this is going to cost me a fair whack. I can replace the incumbent Dunlop SP Sports, or for about 12 quid less per corner I can go with Bridgestone Dueler 680s. I thought that Bridgestone were a more "premium" tyre?

I guess 22k miles and 3 years on a heavy 4WD is reasonable wear from the factory-fit Dunlops? They do seem to give of a lot of road roar noise though. Might Bridgestone be better? The only off-roading we ever do is gravel/muddy roads and the odd damp field...

Also been quoted Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetrics - ?! 15 quid per tyre pricier than the Dunlops.

Any recommendations anyone?

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Choice of tyres - Bridgestone cheapest? - cheddar
No recomendations though all are good makes.

Asymetrics offer the advantage of being able to be put on any corner of the car where as directional tyres have to stay on the same side of the car unless they are refitted the other way around on the wheel.
Choice of tyres - Bridgestone cheapest? - Bill Payer
I thnk you might be better on a more specific BMW or off-roader forum - I'm not aware of many people on here with X3's and SUV tyres are very different to car tyres.

On cars, Bridgestones generally are noted for hard ride (due to stiff sidewalls) and shortish life. They're more suited to performance driving, but their SUV tyres may be totally different