97 3.3 chrysler mechanic wanted - brad1977
Is there anyone on here like the people who have answered posts on here who ARE excellent chrysler mechanics, who live in the north, and are willing to work on my voyager? ~As poeple at the dealerships the mechanics seem to be completely useless. The amount of people on here who have got no where at the dealers and then found the answer here, is incrediblr. Im willing to pay whatever the rates are, then at least i'd know it would be done properly and right-- for example Merlin tec--has ALL the answers, well it seems to me he has_ and there are lots of others also.

If there is anyone as I have a few gremlins that need sorting, otherwise i'm gonna part ex it and get a newer one....with less gremlins.


if people don't want to post, you can mail me


Thanks for reading

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97 3.3 chrysler mechanic wanted - MerlinTec
Ha, thank you. I wish that was always the case but then I would get nailed to a cross as that's what happen the last person that was perfect.