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04 2.0D Engine cuts out..... - Railroad.
My brother has a Jaguar X-Type 2.0 diesel. Just last week it cut out and he thought it had run out of fuel because it was low. He filled it up and it started straight away. He thought that was that until it happened again after about 25 miles. The engine cut out and would not re-start. He cranked it over, and it sounded like it wanted to fire but it wouldn't. He left it for about 20 minutes and it started again and ran normally.

He drove for about 3 miles and it cut out again. I went out to him and towed him back to my house where I had a look at it. It's a TDCi common rail system and no indication had lit up on the dash. I have VCDS, the VAG diagnostic software which also does OBDII on many other makes, but it will not communicate with this.

I removed the fuel hoses from the fuel filter and drew fuel up with a hand primer. No problem there. I got him to crank the engine while I forced fuel on to the main injection pump and it still would not start. That makes me suspect that the main fuel pump could be faulty, or some other sensor which leads to the ECU switching the pump off. Then it started again. I checked the connections on the main fuel pump and on the fuel pressure sensor. Needless to say it broke down again after another 3 miles.

Any ideas gratefully received......
04 2.0D Engine cuts out..... - injection doc
Check the cam & crank sensors. Prone to iether. check the metal fuel pipes for kinks around the rear wheen arch. Carry out an injector laek back test. fuel rail pressure could be dropping although it normally logs a fault. check the wiring to the fuel rail pressure sensor. Should be able to comm with EOBD if its O4 model.
04 2.0D Engine cuts out..... - Railroad.
Thanks for that. I do suspect it might be the camshaft sensor but I didn't know if that would cause the engine to cut out and not re-start. I'm certain it isn't a fuel delivery fault on the low pressure side because I've already checked to see how well it draws fuel with a hand primer. There seems to be no problem there. Also when it does cut out it does so just like you've switched off the ignition. That suggests to me it's electrical.

It could be the fuel pressure sensor, or the main pump may not be delivering sufficient pressure under certain conditions. Or if it's a camshaft sensor fault the ECU may be switching the pump off, but I'm not certain of that because I don't know how this particular system works.

VCDS or VAGCOM as it was previously known is the full works for VW, Audi, Skoda and Seat. It also has a OBD II function for other makes, but it will not connect with everything presumably because of different protocols. Unfortunately it won't communicate with Jag either, or many other Ford diesels so I'm told.....
04 2.0D Engine cuts out..... - injection doc
the J1962 diagnostic wiring configuration is different for Fords,
04 2.0D Engine cuts out..... - alan baines

Hi. I had the same probs on my 2.2D x type 2006, after refueling (AT ASDA WHEN THE FUEL TANKER WAS THERE ALSO) I broke down about an hour later. AA man gave me a list of ODB fault codes including P1576 Accelerator Position and P0221 Throttle valve position sensor.

Anyway long story short, car kept breaking down intermittently - engine cuts out and abs light flashes but then there were no engine management codes stored.

I tried the cam shaft sensor - interestingly, if the engine is running and you pop this sensor out mechanically the engine cuts out and the abs light flashes - but that wasn't the source of the problem and the same continued to happen.

I tried the accelerator pedal, still the same, I tried the crank shaft sensor, still the same.

Finally tried replacing the FUEL FILTER and it's all sorted. Interestingly it did cut out once after the fuel filter change but I think this was due to an air lock, after restart it has been OK for 500 miles so I'm sure it was all down to the fuel filter (and the BAD FUEL FROM ASDA!!)

Hope this helps somebody.

04 2.0D Engine cuts out..... - Peter.N.

I think its quite likely that the fuel filter needed changing anyway, typical symptoms. I have used supermarket fuel every since it was available, probably at least half a million miles or so and never had a problem.


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