Wasting money again - 1400ted
We have a road near us which is regularly used by my family.
It's a road with no buildings, no junctions and just a cemetery on each side.
It's just single track each way...Rattle knows it well. The surface is now becoming absolutely atrocious with potholes.
One one side is a pavement, on the other a wide grass verge from the kerb to the cemetery fence. A couple of weeks ago contractors started to put in new kerbstones on this side about five feet from the existing kerb. Great, I thought, they're widening the road and this must mean a new surface going down.
Today, I came past and saw that what they were doing is putting in a pavement on the grassed side.
The point is, hardly any pedestrians use this road...if you see someone walking along it you throw a party....What a waste of coucil tac when you need a FWD to use the carriageway.
Another sensible thing...not. The cemetery gates are open all week and cars can go in as they please, plenty of room....Not Sundays....pedestrians can get in but not cars. This means that, as all the popular visiting days, Mothers day, Fathers day, Easter landon Sundays, there are no parking facilities and cars then block the narrow road and park on the wide grass verge ( shortly to become narrower ) sinking into the ground and having to pay to be towed off......brilliant idea, and all for the sake of leaving one gate open.
Going away on the Honda tomorrow...I'll be going the long way round to get to the M56 !

Gripe over.

Wasting money again - Rattle
I have come to the conclusion that its to discourage people from using it as a rat run, I tend to use it a lot get to the Heaton Moor area but sometimes I think twice and use the main road which gets a lot more traffic. I think its also some kind of very poor traffic calming measure. Even with my four new springs anything above 25mph down that road and my car feels very unstable and its a 30 limit.

I've actually got quite annoyed when driving down there at 25mph listening to all bits of trim work loose and some twonk behind me is trying to do 50.

Take care on your trip and ride safely :).