04 2.4 Rejecting a car bought with a hire purchase - Duca
Back in July, on the motorway, the engine went completely dead.

A inspection at the Volvo garage revealed that the idler pulley had seized causing the V belt to break.

The report continues " When this happens the V belt disintegrates wrapping itself around the crankshaft pulley and also enters the cam belt casing. This causes the cam belt to slip on its pulleys, as the pulleys on the cam belt are timed to turn in synchronisation this is disturbed and fatal damage occurs internally in the engine". In short the car needs a new engine!

The car has less than 50.000 miles on the clock and a check on this part was not due for further 10000 miles. All evidence points to the fact that the fault was already developing at the moment I bought the car.

I rejected the car with the financial company providing Hire Purchase deal. The car was bought in May (14th) and was rejected in July (15th). I'm at the point of starting legal action. Any chance of success?
04 2.4 Rejecting a car bought with a hire purchase - tony g
why the finance company?, they may have some responsibility, However the garage where it was bought should be your first port of call,consumer law requires that a car should perform in a reasonable way for a reasonable length of time.That sounds pretty vague however courts take the view,
That would a a reasonable person accept that a car bought two months previously suffer such a catastrophic failure.Garages cannot escape thier responsibilities in law.If they are unwilling to resolve this problem issue a claim through your local small claims court , The cost is £75 approx,that would be the full extent of your liability.You are not responsible for any additional costs incurred by the defendant.Ive used the system several times it works well and is easy to follow.
As to the finance company, are you sure the agreement is hire purchase ,many finance agreements these days are actually personal loans ,they look similair . However on a personal loan agreement the finance company does not hold title to the goods and is not responsible for thier quality.It should show halves and thirds on a hire purchase document,ie Half the value of the agreement.Good luck . regards tony


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04 2.4 Rejecting a car bought with a hire purchase - Duca
Need a forensic examination on the engine to establish how and why the idler pulley seized. How shall I go about it? Any forensic expert in or around Guildford?