03 2,0d seized door lock - misterp
Only one door key entry point on my 2dr corolla, which has seized.Still opens remotely no problem. Have tried wd40/, penetrant etc. Dealer said requires new barrel and key at total cost £175 ! but did not dismantle or investigate. Wandering if a smaller part could have failed and if a smaller garage would be prepared to have a go at this. While the car has been reliable from new, these minor niggles ( £45 to change front headlamp, after nearly loosing a knuckle trying myself) are starting to pee me off, as they are so expensive.
The annual smarmfest that is an overpriced service and MOT is approaching, and I have stuck with Toyota so far as I get coutesy car but am starting to wander about going down a more independent route if I could find a decent outfit in my area.
I could live with the lock problem iI suppose, but would like to keep car a few more years

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