96 2.0 how to remove rocker cover? - shortystuff
Please help? I have been trying to remove the rocker cover/ air filter housing? on my 306 cabriolet as I appear to have an oil leak from the back. I am struggling to get the cover past the brake cylinder for what seems like an eternity now. Any ideas? I have undone the brake cylinder so that it has some movement but this does not appear to have helped.
96 2.0 how to remove rocker cover? - andrewuwe
Hiya, I helped a person with an impossible operation just last month. Try this:

Get a large pry bar. Put somewhere in engine bay and gently bend the engine out of the way. The engine is on rubber mounts remember! Ask second person to see if they get any more room to play with impossible component.
96 2.0 how to remove rocker cover? - richie1309
Hi ya, Ive had serveral simular probs with pug engines trying to get various parts off... very differcult to advise how to get the rocker cover off as there is no correct method just keep trying, worst thing is once its off getting it back on will be just as hard and very easy to damage another part by accident! depending how servere the oil leak is id be tempted to leave just keeping an eye on oil level and toppign up more than usual obviously cost a bit in oil but buyin in bulk from an auto factor should assist with this there is also the advantage that clean oil is always going in which in the long run is a good thing. good luck :)
96 2.0 how to remove rocker cover? - sarka1230
Hi the book says to remove servo! but like first responder says just gently lever engine with a long bar and you should be able to wriggle it off, the cam cover gasket is prone to leaking so even if fitting a new gasket use some sillicone sealer as well, this also holds it in place while trying to get cover back on