05 1.3 alternator doesn't appear to be charging? - richbev
the alternator on my ford ka doesnt seem to be charging. i put a multi meter across the battery when the engine was running and it read 11.82 as it did when the car wasnt running. is this just a straight forward alternator swap or could it be something else. i dont want to take the part off if it could be something like a relay or fuse somewhere. does it need to go on a computer???? many thanks rich

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05 1.3 alternator - Peter.N.
Its probably just the alternator but is the ignition light on? normally it will be if its not charging, if it isn't could be the lamp has gone or there is a faulty connection, the exciter current to start the alternator charging is supplied via the lamp
05 1.3 alternator - elekie&a/c doctor
I would suggest the charging system is checked correctly.This car uses a "smart"alternator that is controlled by the engine management system.A thorough check of the connections and wiring needed first.hth
05 1.3 alternator - richbev
the battery light isnt on straight away but comes on when the car has been running for a short time. were would the lamp be located and is it something that can be tested with a multi meter???
05 1.3 alternator doesn't appear to be charging? - mfarrow
A friend had his Rocam Ka needing a new alternator lead after the connectors on the alternator (front of engine) corroded through. Aa elec doc. says it's worth checking these basics first.