98 1.6 gti starting runing problems please help - adrianwright
had my engine bay pressure washed the other day.
couldn't get it to start after.
garage replaced my coil pack.
drove it on slowing down car idled iraticly or stalled.
got it home didn't use it for 24hrs.
started fine and drove 400yards and just cut out and had 2 push home due to no chance of it starting. when you try starting it fires up then cuts outs almost instantly. runs with accelerator fully down but with max rpm 1500.

Things tried;
Replaced spark plugs
Cleaned throttle body and idle control valve
Disconnected the ECU overnight
Re-connected ECU, car ran for short distance
Idle ticked over - very erratic, then stalled when accelerator pressed.

Towed home, have now replaced;
Coolant temperature sensor.
Engine starts, then cuts out almost instantly.

Please help, Adrian.

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