03 1.2 starting probs - hackett
hi all
can anyone help me? me wifes 53 reg clio is playing slightly, the car problem is that it starts up fine and off you go for miles but the sometimes it wont start but just turns over ,the battery seems fine as there is plenty of power when trying to start.
could it be a simple fix or is it trip to the garage...

cheers dave

{Year of manufacture means just that, NOT '53' from the registration number!}

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53 1.2 starting probs - Peter D
My crystal ball is in for a service so you will have to hel me out here. Is there a spark and can you hear the fuel pump running when cranking. If you do not know how to tests these then go to a garage. Regards Peter
53 1.2 starting probs - hackett
sorry pete but im not that good with cars but they must be working as its only now and again it happens its fustrating and at the mo its has started up fine and she has gone out in it ,
cheers dave
53 1.2 starting probs - Glowgrrr
I stumbled across this forum today regarding another problem with my Clio, but i have also had your problem lately. And it appears to me that several Clio owners have asked this question but there aren't really any good answers.

The gas pump is ok, the lights are on, everything seems fine, except the ignition fails.
As other reports, turning the key on and off several times will eventually make the car start. And from then everything is just fine, and can work for days. It doesn't appear to be an electrical problem either, i have checked and cleaned some contacts involved in starting the engine, but it didnt help. There is enough oil in the engine too, and battery is fine - both in key and engine. This has been a problem in some cold mornings, when the car gets warm, it's gone and doesnt return until next day, or some days later. I dont have a spare key so i cant try that, but i'm guessing maybe it's the ignition itself that has problems, maybe the key is so worn it doesn't go all the way in when the metal is cold, or something...

If anyone have a clue, please tell us :)
53 1.2 starting probs - cheddar
The crank position sensor can play up, often needs cleaning.

Also the Coolant Temperature Sensor (CTS), this sends info to the ECU so if it is faulty the ECU may fuel the engine for a hot start when it is cold and visa versa.