Vivaro 04 1.9 Runaway Diesel - gasoil
I have the above van for work, bout 4 weeks ago the clutch failed & was recovered to the main dealer who done a new clutch, cam belt & front wishbones. The works took bout 4 weeks, I collected the van & only made it 10 miles and the gear linkage came off, stuck in 6th gear but when I reved to move the engine runaway, rev counter went off the scale lots of smoke! kept on running even with keys out! I tried to stall engine but it just destroyed my new clutch, van was recovered again & the tech said it had been overfilled with oil. Now vauxhall have replaced the clutch plate & told me the engine is perfect no work required, What do u think? Thanx for any replys

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04 1.9 Runaway Diesel- Vivaro - Peter.N.
Pretty careless to put thay ammount of oil in, but that likely would cause those symptoms. If it now drives OK with no unusual noises or vibration its probably allright. Diesel engines are pretty tough and the fact that it still runs would seem to indicate that it has escaped serious damage.
04 1.9 Runaway Diesel- Vivaro - Dave_TD
It sounds bizarre to have suffered the over-revving thing and for the engine to now be ok, see this thread from June about diesel engines catastrophically consuming their oil:

Have VX whacked a new engine in and kept quiet about their mistake?

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04 1.9 Runaway Diesel- Vivaro - gasoil
Defo not a new engine, but i think I'll be pushing to get one.