02 1.3 Radio annoyances - harrison110
Hey, I have recently got told by the auto sparky that my radio was draining my battery and got that sorted: so he took my radio out while the car was there. Now I want to fit in a new radio, the 6000 e.on CD version (double din), and have found that there is spare fittings in the back of the radio and I also have a plug that is the wrong orientation and fitting!!

The sockets i have free on the back of my radio are: the middle vertical slot, and the green almost square one.

The plug that i have left over is a large grey one, female in orientation that has 8 wires going into it.

When i connect the radio with what i have there, the two outside verticals and the antenna i get a backlight on my old radio and neither radio will switch on!

So i have deduced that the sparky has lost one of my old adapters and I have had no luck finding one.

Help would be greatly appreciated!!!
02 1.3 Radio annoyances - kithmo
Go back to the sparky and ask him for the adapter.
02 1.3 Radio annoyances - harrison110
Uh sorry kith, shoulda put this in the opening post:

The sparky says he doesn't have the adapter that I believe was there, so he either doesn't remember or he has accidentally lost it. Either way I'm a bit stuck because I have spent a looooong time trying to get either radios to work!

Sorry for leaving that out
02 1.3 Radio annoyances - SpamCan61 {P}
Is something like this going to do the job?

02 1.3 Radio annoyances - harrison110
I hope so, mate. It looks like it is a little different from what I have but I will order it in anyway. After all I can never tell correctly from the pictures :S

Thanks mate.

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02 1.3 Radio annoyances - jc2
Halfords sell connectors to connect almost any radio/cd to almost any loom.
02 1.3 Radio annoyances - bell boy
im a bit confused
are you putting in a 6000 radio or something different?
if fitting a 6000 then the ford plugs in the car should just connect in and you ignore the other plugs which are to connect up a 6 cd player