UK to get Impreza Diesel - why now? - ukjazz
Just spotted the news that Subaru are to launch [again?] the Impreza Diesel fine but the proposed price is £20-22k just the same as the Legacy Sports Tourer.

Surely some mistake with the UK price the timing and the £ to the Yen or have our friends in EU not taken to the Impreza Diesel.

Anyone queuing to buy/order one of these ?

Original link to that site not allowed here, substitute for one that is, hope this one givesthe gist of the story

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UK to get Impreza Diesel - why now? - ukjazz
right does the forum allow the Subaru pricing list ?
here goes
UK to get Impreza Diesel - why now? - Pugugly
Yes - the link you posted is one of the few banned from this site - see terms and conditions for details.
UK to get Impreza Diesel - why now? - Happy Blue!
Seems like a lot of money.

There is a four door saloon Imprezza which is quite attractive and has the look of a shart BMW 3-series. That would be a good home for the diesel.
UK to get Impreza Diesel - why now? - Lygonos
Legacy has better emissions, is a bigger car, and has the same list price.

Diesel Impreza is a dodo.

Maybe if they released a PPP version of course....
UK to get Impreza Diesel - why now? - mlj
Absolutely. why not buy a Legacy saloon diesel?
UK to get Impreza Diesel - why now? - AR-CoolC
I seem to remember that the reason the diesel version wasn't launched at the same time as the car was that because Subaru UK would make a loss on every car sold due to the exchange rate at the time.

Something like that anyway.
UK to get Impreza Diesel - why now? - Falkirk Bairn
The story I heard was that IM (UK importer) had lots of diesel Legacy cars around (they are not selling as fast as 4 cast) - it has an "older version" of the 2.0D engine that the Impreza so wanted to "clear the decks" of these now "Mk1 model Diesel engines in the Legacy " & soon to be "old style bodies" of Legacy/Outbacks.

Diesel Imprezas were/are on sale in Ireland but the price must be high in Eire as there would have been grey imports by somebody in the UK if IM were not importing them

At £20K for a small Diesel Impreza the market is likely to be tiny- Demos and Scooby fanatics with more money than sense. There will be few, if any, "fleet sales" unless there are massive discounts.
UK to get Impreza Diesel - why now? - ukjazz
You are correct the current Ireland site lists
Impreza Diesel range from ? 21-31k and Legacy Tourers ? 29-35k the saloon is cheaper but still more ? than Impreza.

So how come the UK market is being treated to the Impreza Diesel at a comparable Legacy price range, surely we are not still regarded as a small treasure island somewhere off the EU?
UK to get Impreza Diesel - why now? - pleiades
I have a 9 yr old Forester and thinking of a change and was looking at the current Impreza offer of 5yrs warranty/5yrs free servicing/5 yrs free breakdown on the petrol models (the Impreza is actually comes very well specced- agree its a bit bland looking but that's not always a bad thing) but I wonder if Subaru UK will still be around in 5 years time?

I also noticed that the diesel the diesel is shown as about £4000 dearer than the petrol - HJ reckons the petrols are existing stock but the diesels will be new imports and prices hiked by exchange rates and of course a diesel/6 speed box will be dearer than the petrol/5 speeder. Presumably eventually the prices for rest of the range will also be affected.

UK to get Impreza Diesel - why now? - nick
I think Subaru will still be around here for years to come. Although the UK is only a small market for them the cars are produced in rhd for their home market so it's not as if many changes have to be made to sell them here. They sell plenty elsewhere in the world and are part of a big company so a pretty safe bet. Even if they did pull out of the UK, there are plenty of indies who look after them so no worries there.
UK to get Impreza Diesel - why now? - loskie
In June I enquired at my local dealer about an Impreza Derv. Was told I could order one but not have a test drive. Would have to test a diesel Forester and Petrol Impreza to see if I wanted to order the Diesel Impreza.
I took my equiry no further.
UK to get Impreza Diesel - why now? - mattbod
That's just silly money for a 150bhp Diesel hatch and more than the old WRX Turbo saloon was selling for. I would have considered one at £17-18K but they can forget it now: Bonkers.