96 1.8 losing oil but where? - agcode
i have a 1.8 litre 406 petrol that is losing oil but there is no sign of leaks or any patches on the floor where the car has been parked.
I dont know alot about engines and a freind said it may be the oil seals?
can someone please advise me on this problem and where to start looking.

96 1.8 losing oil but where? - Peter.N.
If there are no leaks it must be burning it.
96 1.8 losing oil but where? - agcode
ok, sorry to sound like a numskull but if its burning it how does this happen and how do i fix it?

96 1.8 losing oil but where? - Wurzel83
Wel what is the milage, how regularly has it been serviced and what has it ben used for eg. motorways, schol runs
96 1.8 losing oil but where? - piston power
You need to get a compression test done to see if it's the cylinder head eg valve stem seals or the bottom end like worn pistons/rings.

What is the mileage?

1996 car is it worth spending £400+ repair bills?
96 1.8 losing oil but where? - steve_earwig
If it's done 500,000 miles... It's not such a good guide really, gone are the days of Cortinas that self-destruct when they get to 100k. Unfortunately the 1.8 is a bit underpowered tbh and most are thrashed. (If you think that's bad they sold the 1.6 here...)

Valve stem oil seals - puffs of smoke on starting and gear changes
Worn piston rings - smokes all the time, worse when flooring it. Will be shown up by the compression test.

(ok, I'm generalizing but it'll do)

The valve stems aren't so bad - belts off, cam(s) off, head off, valves out, change seals, grind valves if the seats look a bit iffy, back together in a couple of days. Almost as expensive as another car but worth it if it's a good motah. Rings is a lot more complicated, not to mention expensive, so unless the rest of the car is absolutely perfect (apart from the handbrake of course) and you can get a decent 2nd-hand lump it's time to say goodbye I'm afraid.
96 1.8 losing oil but where? - Peter D
How many miles and how much oil does it use. What oil do you use and what is your driving pattern. Regards Peter
96 1.8 losing oil but where? - injection doc
valve stem seals are the most common on these as they harden. They can be replaced witout removing the cylinder head if you find a good indy that has the valve tool kit for replaceing seals in situ. About 4-5 hrs to replace in situ & better than disturbing the cylinder head.
They need a good compressor to keep the valves shut with compressed air whilst the valve spring is removed. used to do quite a few taxis like this.
As the car is fitted with a cat you may not notice the oil burning
96 1.8 losing oil but where? - agcode
I bought the car in june this year and it only had 65k on the clock, which i thought was pretty good for a 96 car. it only had 2 previous owners and the last owner had it since 1999. no history with it though.
I personally use it for commuting to work doing about 40 mile a day on motorway.done a couple of trips away aswell about 250 mile each time.
previous problems have been sticking instrument clocks which i have repaired and i had to replace the cat last week.

96 1.8 losing oil but where? - agcode
I filled it with oil to the top of the dip stick about 2 weeks ago and now its not even touching it.
not noticed any smoke from exhaust either.


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96 1.8 losing oil but where? - andrewuwe
It may only drip when the engine is running. Have you tried parking on a clean area and leaving the engine running for a bit?
Example an old car of mine had a drip hole for the fan belt covers, a leak at the overhead cam shaft dripped down through this and onto the road leaving no evidence on the engine, just a smudge of oil at the weep hole.
96 1.8 losing oil but where? - Peter D
So lets try again. How many miles on a litre of oil. In the two weeks you refrred to you could have done a 1000 miles we can not tell. I'm with Injector doc on this, valve stem seals, at 13 yeras olf they are as hard as glass. Regards Peter
96 1.8 losing oil but where? - steve_earwig
What happened to the cat?

My dad would say "ignore it until it manifests itself in a more apparent manner"...
96 1.8 losing oil but where? - steve_earwig
Hold on, a 406 that isn't leaking oil from somewhere? Any chance of some pics?