Quoting '20' miles for 20k? - Harmattan
When did the motor trade, and some apparently private car sellers, start dropping the 'k' or the '000' in their ads? I have been out of the UK for most of the last five years and I don't remember this in adverts before. Now, however, knowing that there are some cars with delivery miles that have been sitting around unsold for a year or so (think Subaru, Honda or even Mazda) it is becoming irritating to ring up about a '20 miles' 2008 car to be told 'No, mate, it is 20,000'. Is it just me that doesn't get the trade jargon?
Quoting '20' miles for 20k? - daveyjp
Blame search engines.

If you enter the mileage as a search criteria (below xx,000) these 'low mileage' examples will always match.

Same if you enter "less than £1000" - the first few will always be new cars at £99 or £199 per month.
Quoting '20' miles for 20k? - TheOilBurner
I don't understand why they do this. It's like when 100,000 miles is listed as 100 in the ads, who in their right mind looking for low mileage cars will see that and go "it's got 100k miles, which is 90,000 more than I wanted, but that's okay...."

Same story with prices listed per month as you say. If you're looking for cars under £500 in total, I can't imagine you'd suddenly decide to spend £199 a month for 3 years instead, just because you've seen a deliberately misplaced ad.

Autotrader should crack down on this nonsense.
Quoting '20' miles for 20k? - alfatrike
if i'm looking for a price using AT i put the minimum price to £500, it gets rid of all the POA rubbish.
Quoting '20' miles for 20k? - gordonbennet
Supposing the car turned out to be clocked, could they use this wording of their advert as a get out in some way?

I agree it's annoying andf i wouldn't buy a car advertised like that.