01 1.5 Timing belt? - Penk
Just looking for some advice, just got the car on the cheap from the car market, seemed like a great deal except when we first got it the engine light was always on. So after having it a while we put it into a local garage who has done various checks on it and came back saying after putting it into the computer that it is the timing belt!DEVASTING news!
The car runs great, the only thing is when you are starting in the lower gears its quite jerky, kinda bumpy...anyway I just wanted to know if it is infact the timing belt would the car even run at all? I was led to believe the car wouldn't go if this was nackered is that the case?
Any advice would be great?
01 1.5 Timing belt? - Peter D
It's not a belt, it is a chain and if it has stretched or the tensioner has failed then it triggers a sensor and the EML comes on. Regards Peter
01 1.5 Timing belt? - Penk
So if its stretched it would still go then do you reckon?
01 1.5 Timing belt? - piston power
Yes chains stretch just like the chain on a bike.

They last much longer when the oil and filter is changed regular with top quality oil but if left or neglected with high mileage then they don't!
01 1.5 Timing belt? - Peter D
You need to get the chain and tentioner changed or she is going to go bang. Regards Peter
01 1.5 Timing belt? - wazza
Get the timing chain and tensioner replaced as soon as possible ortherwise you will have to replace the whole engine. This topic has been covered on other websites, use the search engine to find out more. Have heard you are looking at a bill of £800 - 1000 region
01 1.5 Timing belt? - Nabil
I'm having the same problem. Had I know the "timing Chain" is a common problem with the Almeras I wouldn't have bought mine.
My Almera stalled when I was overtaking. I've been driving it for the last 3 weeks with the warning light on. It doesn't start first time and a bit jerky but today it wouldn't start at all.
I took mine to a nissan garage yesterday and they confirmed it's the time chain and they said it'll cost 900-1000 to fix.
Let me know how you sorted your timing chain. I'm waiting for quotes from garages.

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01 1.5 Timing belt? - Nabil
I just got a quote from a garage in Leicester: £627 (including VAT). The chap I spoke to said they get a kit and replace the timing chain which will take 8.5 hours. Another garage said it takes only 4 hrs.
I'll keep you informed.