97 1.9 Window collapse - gary923
Car :- Pug 1.9 D-turbo 1997.


The other day I put the electric drivers side window down. As the glass got about a 3rd of the way down, the front of the glass fell downover. I stripped the door card out and the glass was not sat in the front runner. I re-inserted the glass into the runner and tried it again but the same thing happened.

Looking at the rear runner, there is a small plastic piece in connection with the bottom of the glass and the runner. The front runner however, does not have one. As the window has previously worked okay I searched in the bottom of the door to see if it had fallen off, but there was nothing present.

Also, when the glass fell I noticed a small drilled hole in the top left corner (as you look from the outside). Not sure if this is relevant?

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

97 1.9 Window collapse - bell boy
never replaced a glass in a 306 but most peugeots like most french stuff have the plastic clip through the glass to steady it in the runner
it will indeed fall over if this breaks if it has one
should be pennies at a dealer i would hope
97 1.9 Window collapse - davecuk
Similar thing happened to a friends Clio...the clip fractures and a piece will be down their somewhere. The replacement (consisting of motor, cable and clips) from Renault was about £200...how we laughed. The pattern part was only £38 and was of MUCH better design than the manufacturers part, especially the plastic part that broke was made of metal in the pattern replacement.

I fear you might have to replace the entire mechanism as we did with the Clio....all for a 10p plastic fixing....luckily it's a quick and easy job.
97 1.9 Window collapse - steve_earwig
If it's the part I think it is (922741 RETAINING CLIP), it's about 40p.
97 1.9 Window collapse - sierraman
I've fixed loose glass on various cars by sticking them in with silicone sealant,it will stick glass to anything.
97 1.9 Window collapse - gary923
Thanks for the advice everyone.

The cause was a broken small grey plastic clip which attaches to the glass and retains it in the door pillar.

I had a spare door and glass anyway so just used the clip out of that.