03 1.6 Rear brake pistons. - maltrap
I,m trying to change the rear pads and discs on myGolf MK4 53 reg. I can't get the piston to rewind i've disconnected the handbrake cable and loosened the bleed nipple. I,m turning it clockwise using long nosed pliers but it's just not going in. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
03 1.6 Rear brake pistons. - piston power
You have to push and turn at the same time ideally you need the correct tool which makes life much easier!
03 1.6 Rear brake pistons. - Peter D
You are likely to slip and tear the seal so pop out and but a wind back tool as it applies pressure when you are turning. Regards Peter
03 1.6 Rear brake pistons. - maltrap
Thanks bigtee&Peterd. You're both dead right, I was following the advice of my Haynes manual which says the piston can be rewound using circlip pliers. I ended up making a tool from an old socket ground down to leave two lugs to fit into the grooves in the piston enabling me to turn and push back the piston at the same time. Thanks again.