M25 J10 - J14 - 26-8-2009 - Craggyislander
Gas leak near the Runnymede Hotel apparently

M25 J10 - J14 - 26-8-2009 - Optimist
Couldn't the gas have been turned off rather than closing the motorway?

M25 J10 - J14 - 26-8-2009 - Ben 10
" Gas leak near the Runnymede Hotel apparently"

Must have been a very large main to incur a 200m exclusion zone which obviously impinged on the M25. Its not easy as turning off a household gas tap.There is more to it. The ground/road needs to be dug up.

Temporary repair used to get the M25 open.

As for the BBC article, the gridlocking happens because of inadequate traffic management in any area that suffers a major incident. There needs to be a definitive plan executed by the appropriate authorities to stop gridlocking on local diversions and override traffic light junctions using police to get everyone moving. Shutting the motorway and allowing the traffic to battle around the local streets is madness and frustrating.

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